Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Review — Audio Interface for Live Streaming and Podcasting

Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Review — Audio Interface for Live Streaming and Podcasting

– In this video we're checking out an audio interface that can take your live streams, and your podcasts, and any audio content to the next level Coming up

(techno music) Hey what's up guys, Sean here with THiNK Media TV Helping you go further, faster in media And we're here at the TASCAM booth at NAB checking out the MiNiSTUDIO Personal and MiNiSTUDIO Creator Now this is a super cool device really intended for podcasters but also streamers Maybe you're streaming to Facebook Live or Youtube just doing training or teaching content

But there's a real use case for definitely gaming, maybe you're doing stuff on Twitch This will take your streams and your content to the next level Let's check out what it does First of all it's an audio interface So you would plug this into your computer via USB and it's also gonna run your speakers, and give you a place to plugin your headphone jack, and things like that

But then it takes things to the next level What you have is you've got a device that has a mic input, and so you could do a phantom power mic like the mic that's hooked up here You could do an instrument or you could also just do a mic with no phantom power You also have three channels of sound effects and you could bring those sound effects in on the software upload any sound effects So if you wanna do an air horn and go, (imitates air horn) (air horn blows) or you want it to add a crowd noise, or a little audio music from, the intro to your show, you can do that

You also have a lot of cool things You got the headphone jack on the front just to monitor your own audio You also have a headphone and mic input So if you're a gamer, you could have your headphone, headset with a mic on it, really easy, right on the front there You also have an input for a phone

So let's say you wanted to do a phone interview, somebody calls in on whatever phone You can just plug that in, interview that person and cleanly mix that entire audio with that device It also wouldn't even have to be a phone, it's an 8-inch jack So if you pulled in audio from another laptop off Skype or somewhere else, you could plug any audio you want into that jack and make it a part of your mix On top of that you could also add effects to your voice

Now sometimes this would be kinda quirky if you added echo or major voice go a pitch lower or a pitch higher But again maybe you're gaming and you wanna do some quirky and creative stuff, that functionality is definitely there Super cool And then you have an easy mode that we could see in the software here that just keeps things simple But if you want to take it to advanced, you can just click over to the expert mode and do a lot of micro nuances and adjustments to your audio

Making things very, very pro One of the cool features of the TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO is ducking Meaning, let's say we're doing some gameplay, and people were hearing the audio of it, they were hearing all the music from it Well when you start talking, it'll push that audio down so they can hear your voice Then when you stop talking, it'll bring it right back up

And it does that just intuitively with the MiNiSTUDIO And so as far as the price goes, this is the Personal version and this retails for 149 USD And for this one you only have the one microphone input You also have a built-in mic on this particular model and there's no outputs for, say, studio monitors or anything like that But then on the MiNiSTUDIO Creator version, which is definitely the version I would recommend, you have two mic inputs and you can get that phantom power

So let's say you had two mics for a podcast show in studio You could have both of those locally plugged in, still have all your sound effects But then you also get those outputs on the back for studio monitors and it's a little bit of a bigger unit And so that's definitely the one I'd be checking out, the MiNiSTUDIO Creator So as far as my final thoughts go, live stream is the hot thing right now

There's a ton of opportunity to be streaming your content over on Facebook, over on Youtube, of course on Twitch for gamers, and something like this is a great tool One of my favorite standout features is the simple fact that you can hear your computer audio So not just the sound effects, not just the ability to control what happens to your voice, but that if you play a Youtube video, if you play a WAV file or a music file or anything that's on your computer, you can include that And what's so weird is that, that's a new thing Like nobody really in the industry has that

And I've used other audio interfaces if I'm doing live streams and I want people to hear what I'm hearing, that's what you get You get a solution to let whatever you want to share and creatively share your message on a podcast, on audio, or definitely on live streaming So this is something that we are paying a lot of attention to and I'm excited to really integrate it into our workflow to do some really creative things when it comes to audio Question of the day What do you think about the MiNiSTUDIO? Let me know in the comment section below

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