Streamlabs Mobile App (Mobile Live Streaming)

Streamlabs Mobile App (Mobile Live Streaming)

– I'm gonna show you how to level up your mobile streaming with the Streamlabs mobile app, and we're starting right now (upbeat music) What is going on? My name is Nick

Welcome to another video If this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow your channel, make your videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff? Start now by subscribing and clicking the bell, so you don't miss anything In addition to Streamlabs making a very efficient effort at helping creators monetize their livestreams, which I'm gonna talk about here later on in this video, but in addition to that, they also have a really cool mobile app that's gonna help you level up what it is that you're going with your mobile livestreams So I'm gonna give you a tour of the Streamlabs mobile app, and I'm gonna show you some of the really cool features in here that can really help you level up your mobile livestreams Let's go to the phone, and I'm gonna show you exactly what's going on

Okay, so here we are at the phone The very first thing I want you to look at is right up here in the top is the menu option I want you to tap on that Now, what you're gonna see is you're going to see the Live option, you're gonna see the Editor, you're gonna see the Alert Profiles, Remote Control, Settings, and Support options here Now, the one thing that I want to really bring your attention to here is the actual Editor itself

This one right here So I'm gonna tap on that Now, when I click on the Editor, what you're seeing right now on the screen are basically things that Streamlabs has added to the mobile version that you could normally only get on the desktop version So a lot of people want the chat on their screen, a lot of people want subscribers to be notified on the screen when they actually subscribe A lot of people want the people that donate or tip them to also be recognized, and these boxes right here are going to allow you to do that

Now, if you look right down here, there is gonna be this little green icon Now, if we tap on that, we're gonna see here is you have all of the different options for all of the different boxes that you can add here If you have like a donation countdown, like a donation goal that you want to do, if you want to have the viewer count on here, follower goals, all of this stuff, you can customize it however you want You can add whatever boxes that you want to add in terms of the alerts that you wanna add to your mobile livestream With these, you can also add text

You can add images Pretty much anything you want, you can add it here in this section, and it's absolutely awesome and it really helps your stream look a lot more pro Now, you'll see over here on the side, we have the On Stream option and we have the preview option If you click on these, the difference is the On Stream option means that only the people watching the stream are gonna see it, and the On Preview option means that only you are going to see it So what you want, if you want to see it and you want them to see it, then you wanna make sure that you have both of those selected

But once you pick boxes that you want, you have those in place, then we're gonna click okay Now, another thing that's really cool that takes this whole thing up another notch, up to another level so to speak is, let's say that I want my chat to be over here on the other side Then what I can do is I can just tap on each little area, and I can drag it around my screen to where it fits my setup, the way that I want it to, and it's fully customizable that way Pretty cool, right? Now we're gonna go back up a bit into the menu area The next thing you're gonna see here is the Alert Profiles

Now, the reason this is so cool is because let's say that sometimes you stream on your computer, sometimes you stream on your mobile device, well, what this is gonna let you do is this is going to let you select whatever profile it is that you want So you can design one for your mobile device, you can design one for your desktop, so that regardless of where you are, you just pick whichever one you want to use here, and apply that one to your mobile device, which makes it really really awesome and fully customizable Now, when we go back to the menu again, the next thing that I wanna point out to you here is the Remote Control option right here Now, I made an entire video about this, and I'm gonna put a link to it at the top of the screen right now I highly recommend that you go check that out

Next up on the list is the settings option Now, what this is gonna do is this is going to of course let you make sure at the top here that you connect to the right platform Next up is your Twitch ingest If you are Twitch streamer, this is gonna let you choose which server that you're using an Twitch Same thing with Mixer, and then your broadcast is the one that I wanna bring your attention to

With this, let's say that you're having a really laggy stream Well, a way that you can fix that is you can adjust the frame rate, you can adjust your max video bit rate Let's say at 10,000, 13,000, 48,000, if you have a really good connection, is fantastic But if you don't have a good connection, using a 48,000 kilobyte per second video bit rate is really gonna mess your stream up So in that case, then you say okay, well, this is what I'm working with, so I'm gonna reduce mine down to let's say 2500 or 1000 depending on what it is that you're actually dealing with in terms of your Internet connection

So that can help your streams look better if you adjust this accordingly Same exact thing applies to your output resolution Here you can go with 360p which I wouldn't recommend, but if you have to, go for it 720, which is a really common setting right now in livestreaming, especially if you're coming through on a mobile device And they let you do 1080p of course, which is the HD version, which is taking it up even another notch

Well, just make sure you have an Internet connection that supports that frame size Pretty cool, right? So if you're a mobile livestreamer, this is all free You can get this for free and you can start using this right now Did you know that you can also make money with Streamlabs OBS? I'm talking real money If you are a livestreamer, even if your channel's not monetized, check this out

In addition to the normal donations on Streamlabs, they also made it the way where you can take cryptocurrency now And another way that you can monetize, in addition to the donations, in addition to the cryptocurrency tips is you can also even sell merchandise through your Streamlabs account I mean, how is that for looking out for creators? So if you are a livestreamer and you're not using Streamlabs, you're not using Streamlabs OBS, or the Streamlabs mobile app, now is the time to get on board I'm gonna put links to everything that I talked about down in the description below And the link that I have right up here at the top of the screen, click that now to see more tutorials and more reviews and more showcases on different Streamlabs products, so you can change the way that you livestream forever

And if you want to learn more about growing your channel, making videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff, start now by hitting the round subscribe icon, so you don't miss anything Thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time