Stream, Capture, Manage, and Deliver with DEVOS, the All-in-One Video Management Platform

Stream, Capture, Manage, and Deliver with DEVOS, the All-in-One Video Management Platform

Discover Video is a leading provider of digital content creation, management, and delivery We are experts and we founded our industry

Now the proposition is simple: a unified visual communication system that provides live video distribution, video on-demand, digital signage, and much more It's an attractive proposition that saves money and empowers organizations with faster, better, and cheaper communications The alternative is separate islands of technology, multiple vendors, and duplication of content and labor That's why some of the largest corporations in the country depend on DiscoverVideo for things like executive broadcast, and employee on-boarding, and training Today there is about a million children served by DiscoverVideo technology in their schools

And when they graduate friends and relatives around the world watch it live on the Internet And when they arrive at college they may be pleased to know that DiscoverVideo is there too Higher education institutions are rapidly deploying our Lecture Capture and learning tools Discover video has a marquee customer list in all markets They include General Electric, Cardinal Health, and Aspen Dental in the corporate market, Brigham and Women's Hospital in healthcare, the University of Texas and Massachusetts and higher education, Lowell, Cincinnati, Fort Dodge and hundreds of other K – 12 schools

In addition our government customers include federal agencies such as the states of a Rhode Island, North Dakota, and Oregon, as well as many towns and cities Now to have a great system you need to have great components Unlike our competitors, the components that make up a DiscoveryVideo system are all ours Not only does this provide greater customer assurance, it allows us to provide deeper a and more integrated control We start with the DEVOS, a server for the premise or the cloud

It's the heart of any video system and scales to any size organization And DV Express for smaller organizations Our award-winning Streamsie encoder, that works on your desktop and even on your cell phone, allowing you to instantly stream and record events And we have appliance encoders, providing continuous and portable video streaming and recording StreamEngine provides high density affordable encoding for IPTV and other applications, as well as advanced transcoding capabilities

Then there's our incredible SignStick for plug-and-play digital signage Yeah, the system components conspire to form a great system, but let's explore some of the features and use cases First, there's the LearningPath, the built-in course creation in the management system, that allows you to tie together any number of lessons, including video, to create a course The system assigns people to take the course and measures the results This is ideal for corporate learning and for both primary and secondary education

Then there's IPTV Now organizations from Wall Street to Main Street have a need to deliver conventional TV – for news, information learning, and even entertainment View on the desktop, cell phone, set-top box, even Roku boxes We have live announcements Now schools love to stream live video of their kids doing their own morning announcements show every morning

Executives need to stream live employee alignment sessions to a worldwide yet private audience And digital signage This is designed for the mere mortal The integrated signage is simple to use and provides unlimited deployment and it's highly network-friendly In addition the system provides emergency notifications, presentations, and much much more

Now the market for enterprise video systems is very large Markets & Research put it at 32 billion into 2017 and growing to 75 billion by 2022 The vast majority of corporations have either not deployed, or are looking to upgrade their first generation technology

The relentless improvements to online video systems from companies like Google, Facebook and others consumer facing systems, will continue to drive an appetite in enterprise video for many years to come And as is always the case, technology evolutions such as 4k video, 360 video, immersive experiences and improved video search, will keep innovation opportunities with us for a long time to come Discover video has posted many firsts, and innovation, ease of use, and competitive pricing keeps DiscoverVideo at the top of the list DiscoverVideo has many differentiators that allow us to continue to expand First, we provide the most complete comprehensive video ecosystem in the enterprise market

#2, we are the clear value leader Our products are designed for ease of use allowing schools, businesses, and governments to get their full value from their investment We are the best at delivering live video securely within organizations, to any device, and we provide comprehensive training and technical support, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction Whether you're a corporation, an educational institution, or a local, state or federal government agency, DiscoverVideo has the solution for you For more information visit us on the web or contact us by email or by phone

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