Solving with AWS Solutions: Live Streaming on AWS with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling

Solving with AWS Solutions: Live Streaming on AWS with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling

[AWS Solving with AWS Solutions] [Live streaming using multilingual automatic subtitle tracks] Hello Welcome to the solution with AWS solution Created on AWS and ready to deploy in the cloud Give a detailed description of the architecture I'm Rob Today's host is a man trying to get a pilot license [Tom Nightingale] [Rob Weissmantel] Then he can spend more time in the clouds Hi how is tom It's in great shape

Today we have two deals at once Live streaming on AWS with live streams and multilingual auto-captioning It ’s good to have two at once Who are the customers using these solutions Broadcaster companies People who organize public events Anyone on the internet Certainly according to the required scale People who want to stream live So let's see So what's happening where Tom can't see? Tell me about the architecture of live streams Of course this is the first page of the solution Here is an architectural overview This diagram shows three main components MediaLive MediaPackage and CloudFront So if you have this film and this video How are all these going to the cloud? Generally at a live event, with a ground encoder Receiving feed from the camera I have a feed that pushes it to the AWS cloud Generally there are two feeds So it has high availability The feed goes to MediaLive and then inputs Encode to multiple bitrates Can I see the feed while my dogs are out Yes You can see it Does anyone want to show it? Or >> There are many >> Okay MediaLive receives it What kind of encoding do you have What kind of input value can you actually pass? Industry standard [Details of input] RTP RPMP Push and pull Supports HLS streams and still images MP4 files or another service we offer You can also enter from MediaConnect This is a secure and highly available endpoint for ingesting content to the cloud Now assuming that the video data is actually in the cloud What will happen next This is the MediaLive console These are the different types of outputs available Convert from the original stream data Probably when I launched the solution in 1080 or 720 Can be defined For all different bitrates for delivery on the internet Will convert The function from different conversion specifications to different format types is a standard specification [Endpoint] and its content It will be included in MediaPackage What's happening inside MediaPackage Just-in-time packaging So that comes in with that HLS content and multiple bitrates Two streams It's about importing MediaPackage then takes them in and packages them just-in-time DASH Microsoft Smooth and CMAF Can be converted to other standard specifications So what device is the end user actually Depending on whether you are using You take those streams and convert them, right? Yes

That is just-in-time packaging >> Pay only for what you use >> OK Basically we support these 4 versions by default Is it always available Yes It's always on, but you only pay for what you use Okay If your viewers are all using the same device If you only used one of the four streams You won't pay for the other three I took it in, encoded it and packaged it What else is happening as part of the solution? The last piece of the puzzle is Amazon CloudFront In front of Media Package There are endpoints that connect to different streams If you have a MediaPackage It acts as the origin of CloudFront Global distribution before MediaPackage You can have a layer to cache So even if thousands of requests come in the same segment Not all are inquiries about MediaPackage This is the actual endpoint that the end user sees This is where the user actually interacts That's great By default, Does it come with a user interface There is a demo console Thank you for your question If you launch the solution with the default settings It's not a video I used, because I'm a fan of Arsenal Yes

So about the default settings when launching the solution Here's a demo video hosted on S3 It serves as the source of the live stream So without actually delivering the live stream Launch and use the solution You can try how it works S3 file is displayed in different encoding That's right I see, Tom, another solution It's included in addition to the live stream, right? Yes, it ’s live streaming with auto-capable subtitles What's happening as part of this architecture This was built by the Elemental team This is the credit of my friend Eddie who came up with this Thanks Eddie This is built on the original solution In the same way there is MediaLive MediaPackage CloudFront But this architecture adds multilingual autocapable subtitles in real time >> Is it real time >> Yes it's real time Okay, depends on how fast I speak >> Real time >> Okay What's going on with that transcription What we're doing here is a typical 6 second segment from MediaLive Video output is captured That is captured by the Lambda function The Lambda function extracts the audio file and Send the audio file to Amazon Transcribe The words are recognized there So it doesn't mean sending all the media data Only voice is sent Yes, just extract the voice and send it Then the output of the transcript is So the characters are effectively generated and the subtitles are created And if you want to have multiple languages Send that letter to Amazon Translate There will be multilingual support Do you support hieroglyphs I don't know, maybe I speak Latin Okay, there ’s a transcription, there ’s a translation

What will happen next Next, grab all the content Original manifest file, original video and our subtitle Send them to MediaPackage And deliver that content in the same way Well-extended features added to the original livestream solution Greatly enhanced functionality Cool architecture Very nifty ideas and doing that in real time Overturn existing philosophy Thank you for talking about both solutions today I am the one who should thank you I found out how to stream dog videos while doing a great job It's a wonderful program [https://awsamazoncom/solutions] For this and other solutions [https://awsamazoncom/solutions] If you want to know more about Visit our website Thank you very much [AWS Solving with AWS Solutions]