Scheduling Live Videos and How to Live Stream Pre Recorded Videos

Scheduling Live Videos and How to Live Stream Pre Recorded Videos

Sure, okay, so we're going live now on Facebook, should be starting here in one second Okay, we are live! Okay, in one second here, okay, awesome

So it's 12:41 Pacific Standard Time, on September 26th Ryan Steinolfson here, I'm the owner of a digital marketing agency, we've been around for better part of a decade I help businesses and brands leverage live video in order to crush it online, and also on chat and Facebook Ads So, I just wanted you guys to see one thing that I find is a big problem right now for a lot of our clients Which is, right now, a lot of our clients are really having challenges because, and they really want to have the ability to be able to go live to multiple channels

In other words they want to record a video ahead of time, make sure they get it nailed And then syndicate, or simulcast, that video to multiple different channels In other words instead of just being on ABC they're on ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and all of the channels at once, like twitch and periscope and YouTube And now I do want to say that it's against Facebook's Terms of Service to stream simultaneously to Facebook and to other channels at the same time So definitely look at their Terms of Service, I just wanted to give you this as an alternative

Now, you can restream to multiple channels, but you know the other thing that's really new is, is that now you can actually restream to multiple channels at once, and you can restream a recorded video In other words the problem that this addresses is, is okay I want to make sure that I nail it, I don't want to be live, I don't really like the live atmosphere, I really just want to record it, and make sure I nailed it And then stream that to another channel Now having said that, you definitely again want to look at the Terms of Service for those for the streaming channels, to see if it's okay for you to be able to stream live a pre-recorded video Okay now, the service that I've found to do this, both of these things is called restream

io Let me share my screen here And I'm going to show you Okay, so here's restreamio You can see that I am live right now, on YouTube, twitch stream, me, VK, ok, younow and periscope Okay and you can also see that once I go live, I can actually download the video, and then I could re-upload the video to this software they called scheduler, that connects to restream

And what you do is you upload your video, it's a very simple service, it's separate from restream, it's not in the same dashboard, that restream is Okay, so if you just go to the dashboard, you know, right here, if you go to This is where you'd manage all of your different connections on restream

If you go to schedulerrestreamedio it's a separate service that you connect to restream Okay, and what that's gonna do is, it's gonna again, it's gonna it's going to allow you to upload videos When you do, it then allows you to use your restream connections, that you have, to these different services in order to stream that uploaded video, that you've recorded earlier at any predetermined time

Okay and I'll show you, if I want to schedule something, I just schedule an event Okay, our first, I select the video there's already one up, it's a demo video it's 9 minutes and 56 seconds long I'd title it, I put the date down, I could say on the 28th, whatever, let's say at 12:45 pm And then I just go schedule

And that's it! I mean it's really that simple Let me know what questions you have Again, what I showed you here is two things; Number one how you can stream to multiple different channels at once YouTube, twitch, Facebook, if you want periscope But I want you to again, look at the Terms of Service, make sure that you're allowed to do this, and just stay within the Terms of Service

Okay, for each provider The other thing is, okay that's this restreamio The other opportunity is, is that you can use those same multi-channel connections that you've set up on restream, and you can schedule out the broadcasting of a pre-recorded video to those live video platforms Using scheduler

restreamio Each one of these services is like $14 a month Let me know what questions you have please connect with me, you can connect with me at mme / ryan steinolfson Let me know what questions you have Again that's m

me / Ryan Steinolfson I help businesses leverage chat, live video, and ads I call it my triple play strategy, and that's how we get results, and we're getting leads for our clients for less than $10 Conversations started on messenger, okay So if you have any questions let me know And I do have a challenge going on right now, so if you want to jump in the challenge, go to m

me/ Ryan Steinolfson And type in the word chat challenge, and I'll make sure that you're enrolled in the challenge And it'll talk to you soon, thanks a lot