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RTMPDump is a free software project dedicated to develop a toolkit for RTMP streams. The package includes three programs, rtmpdump, rtmpsrv and rtmpsuck.
rtmpdump is used to connect to RTMP servers just like normal Flash video player clients, and capture the stream from the network, and save it to a file. With it, commands may be constructed using connection and authentication information previously obtained from the RTMP server by rtmpsrv.
rtmpsrv is used to watch connections and streams
rtmpsuck can also be used to capture streams, but can be used to detect parameters to be used with rtmpdump
It has been reviewed as “an excellent utility for recording streams broadcasting TV and video on demand” and has been used in academic research on video streaming rate selection and a developmental media framework. The utility has been noted for its small size and its ability to decrypt both RTMPE (Encrypted RTMP) and RTMPS (Secure RTMP) Digital Rights Management technologies. Adobe Systems Inc. asserted that rtmpdump, in a 2009 Digital Millennium Copyright Act Cease and Desist order issued against SourceForge, “can be used” to infringe copyrights, without claiming actual use. As of 2009, Sourceforge had removed the project files, providing the message “The project specified has been flagged as deleted”. From November 2009 onwards, the project has been hosted as a Git repository at MPlayer’s website, MplayerHQ.hu.

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