Playing Minecraft Hypixel Server Live With viewiers!!!

Playing Minecraft Hypixel Server Live With viewiers!!!

have to bring to front which has its ending the data right now for each to each one alone and I am not have as their of their call and hell only hello, hello everyone Welker room welcome to the stream house and when doing only using its own stern some music up of houses and when dealing and new wind and hello DJ P Raikes welcome to the stringy more of the Kay condemned the PC in each panel in hop over hero quick and will mean you can see it but I can only win in and captions for we go up call that you do it on note which send it again because of that twitch and which of the decent which yeah you just so I ain't there we go there we go

Open all of A the market is welcome to stream in how you doing OK or in hop over here when hopping among current no microphones and a multiplier van huyck pixel : refresh that we're joined server and and and soul of this only do it in a power plant some hot pixel of the options these of its eye on the swarms of that show up for the creatures don't know if there were no asim R and from so depending on what we wanna play haughtiness pleased run worst when you think I should play to markets are commonplace and zombies record new hall of the city that borrowed a bad blood and banned all of a college student in tier and Bilbao Lebed worship a Liverpool welcome a stream and by doing a great while all of them whenever I first at I'm in a quick to spend all of them until I guess renewal to bed wars because I'd love bed wars are they do have it die off some Liverpool thank you ma'am they didn't attend a great how much gold and I have a terrible die use on the PM that's right world round three the O I've simmered in 40 Alt and the offense died on down now to help a great bought more each slash lobby cyanide or 3:00 AM all well thank you ma'am a great so you the market joins seabed wars right , games bed wars there we go well all a 44 for recapture beta who limited time frames castle the two all of them thanks than I will bottled see around again all in a bed was destroyed all that sucks all of cotton even know what the heck is going on up and I thought I would ought to be the joining in the middle of the game use a key piece of trash to back it at did you stuck me in a peace award tray ash I don't even know at the heat and buddy thank you bjp you writes for the own words of offer me shun a Jibril welcome a stream how you doing , put lots and all my gosh working let's go where as I've no idea of well this is out of any interesting and the roofs and know how are you on them pretty good thought to just play mine craft band of sucking that it currently a whole not why would you do this lets go murder um knowledge audit about all that dare you piece of trash can where now why would you do this A well it's still fun now you piece of trash can I didn't get it Baghdad dead by a ghost , a while my team sucked while I'm glad you are miss it and came to watch the thanks are I'd I'd just really like playing it and yes: are you watching live , gosh the red team to they still have all three of their beds , no not that one are on this sue main not this and one or I'm assuming they still love that one out what I'd don't boo they still have this one interesting all OK , yet all they still have your youngest of both beds left in bloom is 2118 well , I guess sort of I mean all we can try that in Bilbao of it if you wanna see that are more inclined and Chi Minh word and the only one I get out 700 points I know what that means what or no playbill battle than the warmest know that's not it sets star wars knew what date of Kay 13 games team gives housing bill battle there were no and I mean if you seen some ID two videos I do I'd think I'm a pretty good builder so mode team notes of the pits two solo mode of the am 16 people and already paying 10¢5¢4¢ tonight ride second and third out what the name to provoke board crocodile island island sonar and be out there were no great Bracey have denied it of the only orders to die in the corner there's a wall under water one more of a now all I need oh with two were sent out some coarse dirt dirt band OK , why crew were billed as miss a unlike the city of banks all four men as crack use of the timer I keep forgetting that there's of time around this a great and then women and cut them in grass that I bought them were need a year of now we're all out when I can do that because that's gonna take too much of intent acacia tree fans ball meal only woman will mail as well as some grass porch all of which go with Joe wood and the aggressor in Borneo a stop to let go up are make it can even on the committee cave from are a great are now I'm going to take jungle leaves in replace a significant portion of these west of data that should be find out what else do I need to make it look by Lindy all I have built in a little bit to the column who all that's a great that stock and work out let's kill was and who and it wears Oakwood sly owns folks 1 minute remaining of the tender ago and they incorporate carpet cover charge and water who think maybe all of them are fighting to that the outlook a magnet we the that are common to yellow 76 OK I think I'm too good and that may not be the best one all this is all of cocaine hang up options your settings who hop acts who fell its overnight sober to write since the OKs their column this is OK to niland over this is this is pretty good say it's good that did we got good here as I like that he'd made little all we get a wreck shipped on the island but out he filled isn't all I did the right wing groups I like this and this is good but the little pop of trees he made a more detailed wreck ship their are all you did custom heads all that's good so good actually that's two of victims of a custom heads are survival aisle and firearm that's it very easy one to replace slips to that one and in a row very nice custom palm tree a little howls Heights good thick is it that the timing to make the giant custom poultry are this is who, as it's literally square island five no Auletta beach balls that's that's good attendance good and you got have well Jim tree there from all ye a custom little rock and creatures and now all this is good that ALS and siegel's all very detailed to rain nicer like it , nothing really interesting about a DOS and it's OK to pay all my gosh how did this guy when hot Judy are open so it is us into that , and can play again at not getting a new bailout I'll say I disagree with the voting decision there but out who of the campfire school orange flag pole of camp fire was to camp for that yet to yes vote campfire bouquet confer are a great are so what women do is warning get out city of art that up and then bring it out Oakwood as well as com wears a whole block , I guess it can use that word from just poking cold and magma copper canyon's o'clock and all you peace trash and, gosh event and use this orange red band yellow bread and women is not OK OK summit and Gotta have this all coal I hope this works 'cause I am going to spend quite a lot of time on this new and , gosh OK as the party would dump band of intense winner with red a great column a great plaything of fire so far as the only one could I need to go more tenderly now so of as well as increased the base more are OK by a jury how owns some stain who five times sent only 12:00 AM out particle selector coal Redstone fireworks bark now I have diet I need light hollow fool of a cocaine now there were no OK all of this year's will open a zip and all I have mine turns out well with lava going round it I tried to all very nice minutes I like this for simple much trees could I'd say it's good band this is this is good was only a great size much time it took a City Hall am still more detail, lots of smoke they're see very hot that's a good home and tried to do some detail work there of Josh and he's roasting me a Norse is cockeyed say that's OK from now good thing this is this is this a good I'd say this again and of them run a bomb but only safeguards to seek them out a detail rounded the care of the lot I should've done a lot more but I needed fire aides at night vote for me please S hand of this is a it's good lots of surrounding detail but not much detail and for all a very big fire pit it's OK for Kay , a hall of very simple very nice I like it for could set a high band is the one the one to Allah is it OK yeah but no no Jews you would mean Gigi loll will our new winsock UA are OK was you were not leave arcade legs stick stick or do stick this to stick robber got all my gosh why they were rubber duck that's to be for all my gosh OK and all of the so worn ago was a window was gold band of yellow and out OK for women only one 34 am in ms word to all of by DJ Purex of a two- of the so the fight it and leans right there with this and that's one wing current could so by 02 and 1 cup that put that back and of all of these and there's both wings of a and we Gotta do body , OK solely at the neck here, not hot OK and we got the tale that's coming out and thank you , okay the service is gonna be detail of the night the warning of them know it's more moved up from that fanned out by the outlook for rubber duck out and cut them out there, are you and I would find and then we're in a audit we Gotta do in Orangevale orange bill of let's go where the low concrete up a can use that thing it was one and then were not have of the black wool for the ions , and I think it's turning out pretty good of O you know what I should do these and yellow war are no more how much time do I have all of Asia be enough of one day and I got enough time of the there's one wiener a minute remaining , there we go OK and then out now a renewed gold and can produce the band of whom were slaughtered block or block for 1013 there were no he's flirting in water of thank you exude role for the bless you all of a game that ended Rockingham some of the Ahl yes I think I like my rubber duck and yes what is their only one other person all of john R and that's good knowledge of the of the inland are eyeing saying it's it's OK on White House out the buyer died I like it are says Kim say that's good ol' note and I'd say that's OK accident really do it three D are all of rubber duck and lots of bobbles to see the bubbles that's a nice detail but the knot in and out of the all of lots of docs in that of a say this is good band two ducks win the big old town this is OK with you done a little more detail on the docks instead of that album, do you have a school of what the heck Mrs Up trash stock with skills for a nice O ye out we had world open bidding are so with that I think I'm gonna stop this and go play a round of bed wars column were we're way is the cave games that the doors of an out of a risk in a duke, trap this new game, try out this new game this new game road that they have all of long tiger welcome out its awesome 1515 so out will let me get awesome 1515 record on the bottom of this thing if you can see it out I can actually in the bay area that is my name a new all a week after the beds interesting of the 19 upgrades iron shot Kay to four great at offering request O all in a I pixel point oh that's good as good as that which could cut all thank you thank you Richard Arum are among tiger are a great let's blocks her and click over a LAN twitch a great progress tigers opening of column that that and a end of while you guys are not the most aggressive of players all of that is all of us of the well are well below to get your from request for a little bit as I am in the middle of of bed wars and so are all their decline another bad dang it that's not good guys out we should be getting two other beds and what's tough to all 40 iron and five from 6 to 7 38 and 940 OK 40 iron and go out its permit seven gold 141617 great quantities need a bit more gold of the meat of the 20 iron and how I got herded out how do you place a bet here on a lot of ways a bed year OK , diet they have four of the bags my guys this is not normal battlers we need to buy bags how we buy the Reds breaking PAC are OK that's not this out bed how much is that till diamonds top rack is where my team doing are OK guys combine we need two are yet that's right guy attitude chomps dante's we need a bad day about over here this is the last base they haven't claimed they control for reading beds the one in the center did go get diamonds red team lost to which all just as good as kids could now use stupid Dennis of all get you all get you might pretty hot tools out three gold for golem six gold there were no denial Neil Neal Neal many owning your own annual mail now at hot kit roasted are OK, to run for more to get these have a great guy to dido well, gosh are OK for which soared faction make that case two Baugh for diamonds pupil one diamond a minute that I'm also gonna get 23 beds band of men get only the pit rat trap dropped a year and two dimes two dimes to that of the MIT dimes can omit whom six times out of the nowhere a gray did we can even get out of art home base hell did this is not the point of attacking run a great I have one of the bases game over walked how was the game all work first after setting captured third catcher I don't get it how are you supposed to play this game on a OK lobby OK all was not played in his understand the point of it are OK lets two something a little who murder mystery that source form by Denmark in this sea later man for the base running out out of the classic of some of hate this news is a moral case you were nowhere in the box a leaner Katrina: could and here's a look: Aaron Ennis it O justice this column a greater enough to resend it out thank you thank you for mining me out of them well I'm just gonna find a corner and I know talk myself and in sit there at eight O use of all are OK , we're playing an column slash its lobbying is a great are easy enough to send it along tiger are uneasy a sender from request again , are OK 70 meeting there were no open only open question challenge human friends of SP a great are one tiger you got a simian if requested and I'm sorry about not getting it but bought in order for me too reader enough to send it to me at all like when I'm out of game murder mystery all this is always one might lose if I remember we go out this tour band the goal of this way and this worry at the canine teams spoof you there were no all of a noting its work OK are so what is your friends had friend so is your username the same thing are blue gazelles by I'd guess you can paint spoof me I don't know what that means was that m before I say yes when is that mean OK one tiger is your and my craft username the same thing as you're a year to be singing out so just let me know the yes someone to get to the maze your Alt side of the mansion which I think is really fun you can run around out here some of my favorite places to live just hang out of flash of only of the of long tiger two open so let's bring youths had friend alone kinder are, I there were no all of you in a friend's route along tiger two new year the new venue on him and await us to argue when company was some work wrestlers at the press Alt I now I know what an arty happen to be wants no clue is all you not get me with that all to four I know what that does it happen to be wants in the middle of some Nautica are not doing it again never a game in which all down here a can't get to that way a I know why the tragic past is an sol said when you get trolled by people you thought were giving you good advice is like the idea now you can make your game go faster if you do Des beaux like and lost a whole bunch of progress and was not happy but that's behind me of five remember yet this is the way and OK let's do another murder Mr Round out of exit, it than nice job they're completely flipping the stand to accept your feet are gigantic outlook a stew murder mystery normal and this time I'm gonna try to survive up and any any union union in the mid year and a two and one with separate end of the train tracks out yes but what's in front of US grain pretty much yeah all innocents live as long as possible and there's a train tracks all open to get pretty much a screen just out my big old computer slashed TV screen 'cause it's actually a TV that I've just plug my computer into a lot of of the year oat radish coffee high rise in a lot of your piece of trash high will get two kitchen much pretty OK well , let's do it again , or that tranche how dare he doesn't he know why am of her all were on the ship out innocent OK top schoolers and nights for three days to warm are gold misconduct and schooled among the stay away from EU pieces of trash Nina knee and a TD run 80 the needed a needy mitigate and the day when you stay alive this time, hopefully hot except someone seems to be killing I think it's are not that the column on hearing death noises I don't like it only for busier now it's your right of half at home or by Kersey a piece of trash wherever you are your UPC trash you a curse you how dare you all everyone's stay down stir up the murder of people left and right , we got 'em you get numb all dying are as is left three you better run late O no detective of the Moon fires last week that may oh now only one innocent left , no blade eight bought every survivor died good job buddy good job by clearly I did not stay alive that tell him OK here were not maybe this will be the riaa one waiting room if you wanna leave just type slash lobby packets of the Phillips, the waiting room of the boom goal in the now has O yes and recognizes that a fair member quickly you run up here for yes you can get on the roof which nodes this wait until are away you Gotta get over there only open to remember correctly here here I don't know I'm not remembering how to get up there to hello as I got up there wants whole, Yolanda Morris was stopped and yet has ice arrived , while out what the heck was that at best a lie of movement , the same at a great an easing of the row to get their again because of women would like cannot remember college degree and strain quite great there were no politics fire hydrant at bow tie more yet differently of the content to come up here we go out here now why do you do this are now I'm stuck there were no column that is clearly not the way to do that can I go Braddock only a great I think them were just tried to kill someone is detectable ire of the New Orleans survived a good job now widely taken me that I wanna be talking you replace embed wars with me on a short in a maniac I would love to play with you , a cell if you want to Heidi voice chat with me of my discord link is an inscription otherwise we can just try it all hang it of merck's at otherwise you cannot we can just ride two outs with respect any new slash and will you be behind your place in bed was with the a lot of great are definitely in a maniac of of open a free person, a divorce out OK my team game is earth hello welcome awake and forgot the gotten to this for senate and added to the Lincoln staff of the own roles member server meet their widow a little tighter itineraries U

N here are openly turn you up man is one of Europe, and percent of the women, returned out mind craft so lightly and might your phone is the as I can turn a Murray had set a great speed now band music off a pick a messenger from request man had for so it's ex the queue heart T age day you are allowed this infernal question this person why not bought my name is awesome 1515 yet 1515 carol type and chided awesome 1515 and up , create a party switch over the doors of and there were no you're not friends with high of all your name TV while a great only guild party create party out solo acts the two are to teach invited the party and then invite player and invite you long tiger road and tighter to dig are invited you man they welcome on tiger a great few guys one and two of three VCR bed worst of its open let's begin their broke a three victory embed worse and play it there were no money (anno Elan tiger a CU percent in the middle and on the skin exercise her course only OK and hold for two and are now the a great site you guys normally play more aggressive were a defensive open when I UX earth a case of an auto loan tiger you wanna play defensive Immunex earth will play offensive open so then you start working on former defensive bed and all I will begin two oh my gosh I can hear you just slam and away on the keyboard of their all you both died open I have three diamonds of five diamond that diamonds for her back and 4 to 5 times and threw down to pull there were no ball yellows coming and am kill 14 welcome stream how you doing , open 40 iron out can we build over that other island, deliver the other island yet the other than an island bomb if someone could get me a loan that Chris Scheele vendor doing good which are star mice drawer and what that means of someone dropped Ian Tate Sadat teensy years of yellow get out here cracked them pieces of trash or dead we're dead are we may not know he is invisible the stupid turtle teensy name us really want us out O7 diamonds nice aloha column I don't no I don't actually really care about my bed was level that much bought winning it reinforced armor and a t are out there all come and forced diet I'm dead undead I'd got knocked off a great, I will be your all eyes in this guy's bob someone is in our base out green team has been women aided dang it used to be a blues did not read whole my gosh that's aggressive pushers today are OK so updated are some of them at all your only to which forbade worse at them would you like Detroit house on here and a curious to victory them out what is my bed was level alone ooh to your level and six that is my level of column and Chi Minh spring two towers 28, should yet bought it for way it trashed games of all I did quit the game Dysart thought I would back the lobby at Stanley cup and there were no 612 out well as against enjoying us just west of aloha bowl Heights we will continue to fight the out the victory that shall be ours eventually may be what you're into a 14 which are among profusion and so we can check your lead the lee reports 12/12 S and there we go not know I'm on a break from one craft and I have 315 what the heck book I like to hear live and in a LAN Tire we need ahead in the game and blood tiger long tiger by your man at a well are that thanks for watching the stream bought by free see anything or see any of that if you have any tips force that play better just let us know of cocaine into the Nina year due to at might not look on her pixel web site of all while I went way off are ashamed of them at the active and drop weapons and placed on solo Kobe, like 16 , located makes six makes sent the makes sense to generally if you are inactive the drop positions are a great a great all I have four diamonds of all be able to get the more resources pool for all of and carol of the well of death by we'll definitely look at that only OK let's see what we got here five or six of a daring what's a bed or streams and creeks nineties will start giving a few tips awesome thanks meant a 44 skit consistent higher armor works to batted in the arm and I had over of the year who OK yes the other island is undefended on ahead of their you do that or she is meant as writes a script of you out there because Maria aspect ratio on my streams little bit different in light of my computer because my computer is a TV screen so it's not setup for computer a streaming vs my computer Mott my streams obviously set for computers and so it's a bit one key adding that the music and overwrite lives and, at OK well I mean think there are I will look into doing that because are OK it can't come about because are an image are leading a great western a great of oral I will see about fixing some of those after this round me know can enjoy the yellow column read diehard cell after this around a few are joining us you can who eight times us yellows coming again yellows coming again as for the doors are usually going guns blazing about source inspires but always have an offense yeah I'm starting to get that c of OK OK I just got sharpness are sorts also read diehard if you wanna join us are they ought his daughter's barking of done just a teacher base for seven years 12 gold and that that are were start , OK backed off by a dummy diet for all my comments came as a second Key VP I can't ever, I just stuck to combat open a least a mime permit tools are here that's useful of that there's six with skill was enjoying the disk or call all good outlook eight by the way thank you , read diehard outlook eight well I can't really old column by due to the discord is yet because of I'm in the game right now so I got from some at all wants the game is over I would be happy to let you join the discord call , from donors for diamonds of first up is down acquire life more than one can be at the prom and bill was out of com for jazz and updated 21 Of 13 yet dying addicts I'd just slipped off the hades that are all a great are on the take a quick second span don't deny any pieces of trash diet you got me is only OK did he get all this no are one of us is left of a implying that version 1, there's an Indian advantage of Basra or were headed for the new version is well how can you of plate 1

89 as it should roll are huge on the disk or call from tired of the world and a great are let I'd like to lobby for sendai's to invite into our party are biting and well I mean that's the only way I know how so because I know the difference section of party of OK change the version will I know how to do that in 1014 of red dye heard what was your username again all capitals team TV _were headed doubt in more than is all that spilled like this on the screen in the stream am I correct the SP owner of the Yugo brought them in party by player team all my gosh of what the heck is going on over there and the 1 222 being read the riot of color there were no open side is divided and he joined the party OK when hop back into this bought so MK 14 the ideal height and I'd change it but why wo of a int the bed wars stuff into bed or server Al alone located interesting I didn't know that's OK of a while, thank you I guess I mean that's not bad as a second the worst but only all my gosh and that thank you for the a commands until that's great, but Mr Using those as I can remove remember them Reds in mid all so while you really do out sweat it hard to be a bird can get that OK are so one thing on the streams pleased language mean and once for not stem from a streaming you can now with the value of the blocks as a box a while you dine nice day what is only reinforced armory mean them in a minute shot of the bulge is this a lot of OK OK column maybe I if you ride keep if you can control your cussing and probably up some untrue that wrapped how the break of of dead of dead out or but if you don't plan to play a lot of things report and have fun yet yeah I agree that column from I'd mostly play for fun, just on the streams and that's what once a week of because block innings easier and its force moved alone locate that makes more sense I guess in that the main highways still kind of think it's GT ish but as long as there OK with it all adding restaurants are you guys are good there's no one, and so far not seen any one out of there's only two left so I guess played for defensively a tunnel are the all OK well I'm just gonna keep watching and let you know if guys and a comedown the paths because of a great ball at the upper haight he's running back the option of wearing , go but he's from fireballs out blue bags destroyed and they're still at Max players know and you can say in cell like a light it's no big deal and what your plan I've never met someone play this way before I just knew no is not a problem not just I haven't ever met someone who try hard sickbed were so bad, most people I've played wi not try arts I guess all blues down to two all the stream bed wars how many odd years to get I guess it is you don't mind me asking now ice and Intergraph and laughing the bluffing about to try hard stuff way when the means she was CPS out while locate of you guys are really are a professional gamers and I have no idea what these terms mean Abel is done was done in a split, bass open while shows a good of a watcher im a blue and yellow watch up only run and we only have watch out now he died of what people do that just another diamonds and stuff off the edge of the got a blue on the end and kill welcome a cap at day are so let's go to next round ago as a whole week to some keep and still I know I don't know what their names are also won with a customs me hard blow on lake level six something on the dwarfs of either have a high pick soaring just as I have an ever needed it for anything I haven't like reached all nice having anybody that are now the ring some eye of the other servers I have only heard play on I have I bought the richness of the up in a column of approaching a year in many soul in waiting yeah it's only the victim so I don't just stream I did actually start streaming on twitch for open several months because RI found a service called multi can restraining firm multi stream are you every stream and it allows you to stream to a whole bunch of sites are right on streaming to you to twitch and mixer and yet so I have more chemo to followers spread out across all the different platforms column I have so the 30 aren't which I have like 10 on mixer at panda I have 104 on U2, and I don't really know you can't really count a R yeah so well that's just where I am currently but I I've been in and year new year and Indian all young head into the next time and place it should have enough time as long as no one's rated it yet which it doesn't look like and warrants to get so we should be aware get you that defense or sharpness whichever one you want currently of dying in read you a you try ash oh my gosh while really is of a diamonds are OK I got mine gold as you want it , go get it gets more diamonds to pay your welcome AR that was not very nice paid eyes of the mind I doubt it would not mind I have will I thought I had no well for second and I haven't caught that if the diamonds OK good as let her I've set them aside for the sharpness yards to yellows how dare he was as my braids are because the three 'cause their trash , who keeps coming into the chat and leaving a R, without being intense that seems to have have one in their ideas out OK so it's two grains to three aunts that sox you can't be her and discord column well as so I gave you on muted you you should be good for your meter rush yellow or both of us freshener below at me as I told to stay anonymous coach at all OK well you so if you hop and they're out because each time you jump in there and II can't OK I don't know where you went daddy basin trash hideout and yes OK, I are known, MA a mobile something's going out of its wares the other yellow are OK of their wares see deny it dying days and trash not to hide it has a lot good job guys finally of a way to flex way to flex of a you guys won't play again and well normally it takes me like 45 rounds so I was really happy with the swing of the ball hard with the wind are OK so it's sure of: are any I'm sorry with that in all she just keeps out talking about that the discord all of this well it's not a job with your column sold since last may , that's when I started well I started doing you to be as men com editing and open out and sounds little but it probably won't have that edge of images say how well I mean you could bother one be a problem with that it's what you just Gotta let me and you just got to wait what sort in a normal column what and the fact that it clearly of your own good job for bought so it's a girl with the hop and there just let me know you do it so I can only give you rank him permission to actually s of banks that's that's so helpful man of an ado 2222 I built so slowly I can guarantee you both have better peeve east peace skills and I do guaranteed to unravel the backstop that an a day just got protection I mean yet, wanted well Judy it sent just can't if you don't worry if you do just tell me so I can give you the permission to actually speak and escort you have two were nothing out hello young sounds like it that I can tell all Octel at wall of a well the screen work and you are right now are in , die UPC trash and of cop I kill them year that's right The sheet origin at all Kate Baum I guess you can leave a link to that in the discord if you want war are the database of trash are we don't have 5 minutes there knocking on the gates open and an A wold that's not very nice if that is true facts do not care about your feelings and on TV this and head of the overnight update thank you and kill for all your ad tips and stuff Karen bed was destroyed yes all has subscription or I should do that yes out by should definitely do that because of a there's only two of room left guys you can teach at one till port some of the above you know whenever column I understand a thanks man for selling other means a lot of someone died bomb but yet out and that's mostly 'cause I don't stream a lot that I haven't invested a lot of time into setting up the stream stuff and if you have late all of a dozen a one oh yes seven , six out so close and at a historic appearance here yes they go thank you ma'am for dropping that link I will deftly check you out its your voice and and away you you are aggressively attacked of them with your I just got your sharpness of LAN tiger Aidid of an ongoing or her of the year ahead and suicide hire you and all while you all am in OK while you're OK so it's up just two to he'll hold the fort are meant to them and a tenant Denton didn't didn't intend to an event and Canada have to of the Ada stearman the background a great so with us two we got it we got its start defining the spaceman of the are doing pretty good, have a lot of fun on the string can't sort of kind of little bit of yellow should come and yellows, all my gosh A

Ewell pace of trash the attitude at doing good now up by died of out yet totally different edu and out someone's gonna die and low tide are now old URL as tunnel , OK one of what had a just and while I welcome the stream in yet bought the entire team was killed in a buyer rushing yellow yellow just rushed as hard a it's out so you've won a tri star wars OK so I pulled out so everyone off thanks other working on this and so I was 14 at came it like my first wispy started actually thickening of 14 so I was pretty happy with that with Swiss peas are A Justin wide comrades, it did talk in the Chatman and are as she is not here are currently on a new a R OK, I've never played sky worst how we do this all out so well OK yes I did that but I've never played solo , yeah OK here, but see the problem is by socket the BPA's song would be like the first one out and the hyped eyed one that she's been I told you just and she's not here , while OK at lunch he you knew one A well did I hear your piece of trash I'd are paranoid and how to play this game any meaning in any in year to year year I hope I've doing this right at PC are no I'm not real on PC no II am a PC he says he's asking if I'm the one PC which I am not RI said I am not new one PC , cook that yet at no I'm not going to press Alt for why does everyone what we press Alt four I'd know what happens I have scarred experiences from , really out so what is the poorest hours alleges build a base your summer only open , a RI have no model it give a hack it does not give up act are no what it does you cannot lie to meet all with no known talking of this died in the chat he's saying that pressing Alt for gives you a hack when no it doesn't I know duty to keep , OK for us to me all this useless scrap that who actually is not so useless , a OK , and light a weedy would you be given to the DB TBD the DVD five , in which you can lose all thanks metal hoc that's awesome like that that that's bitter, I don't need all this leather armor that you use in the trash can edit your wire might suppose to do with them their work twice up the job of not add to be the day of solari of trash out it I've been trash at bought shore and is in a record one thing on high picks or something , OK , yeah so hot money there were no lobby their week bought it didn't only yes quick there a great all it all are short wider at a fishing pole Al short what Hawaii I started giving think a hourly and run are like I don't know any time you want to avoid US arms, suck the entire time so you'll have been part of how prescient to it collected on many I doubt add us dead all are yes I do hold the space has got weight work O OK slash a whole book it's got a there were no eight I haven't ever done these things before so wait why here , solos again we see if I can survive to be and it didn't he was the last dive wind up some mean why would you do that and Strobel , or could now get here I want you now all diet are my guide he killed me how dare you that your soul mean that are any of only where are you guys are looking for your all your made OK of course all of you which yurts A who watch at he's the guy who killed meet yes a vengeance is that revenge is a vengeance is this week III have no idea you a pretty good you look very I kidded read diehard I had a bowl but the men took it from me out behind you watch out there's a guy bridging the middle , how are you so good at this yet I'd generally don't like PPP so I don't practice at the VP and that is why I suck at the tune of the PRI are not pretty much can you survive one are OK to what the heck is happening with the sound by eight a good job good job and all I can we do teams as eye socket single player from okay yeah I know it's not a new stream of so the problem is yell Usery us because I had a huge stream labs bought out the 20 updated it wouldn't update their have centered it again there were no it is centered now I fix it gathers a black bar at the bottom because my aspect ratio from a stream is different than my aspect ratio for my actual computer it's not that important as I have bought worked with it for a little bit now so OK are let's do what is Maggio OK OK find Idei until my doubles are any of that I just did single player just a sweat , OK so I will take that into consideration as might I accept my best only year I guess well you have fun than how the heck are you limit already do not even do not even like Rieger island OK in EMU mean had the edu du need you to do keen and the new be a hard I dieted as trying to bridge and outreach to read your knowledge spectators thanks I didn't notice we how many moods are there all I did notice I thought it was all glow or story , a ride cold shoulder by teachers even a diehard no lights and he did you not realize there is another story either of you ought to and he hit his death, I didn't , – the sooner you just having fun watching assault complaint about dying , while are OK I guess this is true of all the column OK up someone tell boarded up 30 try to get you watch as minute police arrived at the top of RO dement of you were victorious this time it says direct inmates we talking about who OK , and for all of its knees and I think all of guide dogs are slightly day eight get here the smile and loud way to use the promotion man and out what happened with them A well backed off from all hemlock years and never knew when you remember the meat I killed a height you are only with , OK I did change and grow , are OK tell the pair uncommon for your eight and wasn't I dyed black eyed when aggressive and I died but still I felt being base to write a group who welcome a stream into the 02 at OK at one slash the escape are OK, I mean so I'd recommend I would really prefer you hop in the discord first so I came down kind of communicate better than a rule, and you're not a tickle well just our room and eminem and up upon a bomb for those cool mornings own band , gosh months and not of this attribute their OK welcome up the battle A wallow OK doby creepy eyed and I just add and I mean them in a bitter be put that's just weird to say hey you start to I think it's untrue that no but they may have that, no and and at the two girls fighting you from and distant say I would follow me and which an good job at a only so art bless you and scary and the five join the party welcome to the party are we all we also ought to spend more of different ways welcomes the American attitude when sort of trash at eight while you're checking now call hope I got paid may kill me with chicken eggs of the wall may be issued up one disk or maybe maybe you can debate with him over who should get the followers what all you Gotta you got a hot is the Skelton yours nice and by that the government the car or write law and I answer to do and I'm just the same may be to do it more effectively than if your voice to boys are I'm not seen the other night were routinely be , maybe you commit suicide with it a fleet sleek , in you , could graduate of the eighties to about the fight it out loan tiger you got this man and now alone tiger died a detour to taking you I believe among tiger brought your soul to soul five at it and you want me to get on to score just six of cheating eight I mean it's nice to talk to people forced was second because, gosh I wish my it nasal passages when a chord with some of its make my voice and read and discussed thing about Kaman you can do it, while gorge out and all yet been needed new me out I would say not a gallon less than a gallon and 1/2 that I don't think that's no heat not shorter hold that works , there were no to make sense were even the hospital for only one could make sense you're probably push to write you probably push for a a he knew eight day here you are a fight all give you a fight and win and die die you piece of trash , who better be a pretty much are we you ever do we do we do and get out of here all you crappie items and I don't need a month and then RE announced a one I just moved one island over and at an were so mean no don't do that were friend's friends don't do that to friends are located against them and you be the year to year ad it did year to year and a dupe the year And with the rights of seeds one you're with someone need seats who all chests of the reform why would you do that that's not very 90 sides said B Nuys be a good friend , while now has to a labor may I don't trust you at Ron Redmond, live I'll stay alive as long as I can and , well year and I will try not novel- high and I have helped you cannot prove this : can I miss that that's a good pretty good haven't no stairway stay back and run away a runaway a bonds that are just gonna keep a write a novel I got hit a new while why would you do that the stormy of all really that's respected and are OK well while locate she she's out OK , yeah that you you should have of that and he hit the top eight of them are o'clock just an old please don't ever do that again and Hartzell has a field who died before or anyone else who now get out a year year trial which would remove three game for hacker of years out who the other hacker and are based than new , more out 'cause he was hacking that's why all clearly he was legit good job are new and and are intriguing I do not believe my mom has pull when you know when you'll mail mail mail and human ear Whitehurst is going on out basically we were hit by hacker and snow ball eggs are you or a cheater that the other solid and you are OK well name a great I am going to try and survive and idiot the data year year year to dupe the new are to the attitude to tout and loan in the immediate year to year and led the golden apples ever run out quite beside you getting hit 2 minutes of one I will survive the idiot you need a year and logon for continued to 2 to 2 of that any lover all of all were acts welcome to the stream to a well they're the ones that are bringing the hackers A

Knopf dad are now dead highlight bahama island how dare you read how dare you are subtle? Streamers that enhances the approach, not just to be and from the use of smart cards are OK it what is the question because of a mean to sound like you and the idea of that when really know unless you are asked so ask away the and until we will see a great so what who survive and so far all long wolf and now you died of lung Tigard, wolf creek a job for a new and at me I'm surviving are only 10 and yellow tiger regional and not liable for the idea of the routine to balloon rays and you won't see it , I'd have to all of a great TNT boys know I have not out how many of you guys rid of the team T boys are gonna check asking about the team ke of that he knows your tricks and hollow now get out of their column a good lover rights if you want all of good job and good job and that the good job to job , no 1:01 AM one of new account that are sort of attacks , and you'd have to kicks out why are you saying the console not known Exe : yes I would actually prefer to not rush you are well of silver rats if you want the you can hop over in two wide discord in and put a link to the mayor and I can take a look at a later phase in the skylight no you left us pay it in and I snuck onto another highland and so the link to my discord is down in the of description like a new who do I do no soul into a description of the of video there should be a lonely ink outlook came no a one shot there's column I haven't set up anything that war two specimens special commands and think money which are they could do that from , I would not say you were going quite yet I think you have a few more millenia live through some more power to gain you know whom 6989 attacked in which who I got in by inch into the next months A gal you dumb skeleton all high as CU and of La that invests yeah typing that's kinda cheating know I was an innocent bystander I did nothing for only OK I see a very odd, polluted logic there in the NSC you're running the option to Richmond who bet that that don't have that are that this was the name and date and a year OK , 1010101001000 and aluminum and aluminum and our own them Manet men and women and men and Babb of women and men and women mean many many many in the year BTU recoup the duke beat duke be bar and Hal berry and you are you died , died a buy it, bill bowl bag ends bodies he just shot it you need a strategy he took your count that he took your cup 000 bought a quick question to you react to stuff on stream and a column I don't know I've never done of react on a stream out mostly because I have never had anyone asked me to do that heighten the fetus , what about what of DS you die , a goal and two pet lover go into his info copy the Lakers discord and escort who openly of R if you want me to look at something you can put in the discord and I'll take a look at it are rid our yet know you're not allowed to put in the chat as all links are blocked in the chat out so in the discord you can post and the discord , all of that I'll take a look at their , OK , and a Bruno Manon yet there were no icy of the , and a Montes to about incision of a scan of the june issue of the pope OK , I mean short article in the of all in white are no you don't have cookies are you cannot give them to me because we're far separated by the world , I will take a virtual cookie , what did you or did I did you'd all OK , gosh this guide who are these two people that are not dying all my gosh and one is only just leaving his island of hope that all my gosh load tiger are you gonna wait you OK he's just farming all the best your column you're gonna have a little bit of trouble there is that he's a body of the zloty volu Baird not OK shooting at you a case from tomorrow and you and an an while while, very are OK I mean I guess so in a disconnect them open and of what I have to go look at the video am not a player game all I do that OK 50 , a great prize yet I do not do split capture a great of know that's not what I wanted a great summer polish over here are OK sutter video pulled up a year in , turn off some of my craft there were no not there were no , gosh walleye is not showing up as display captures our thing it you why does it always do this every time a change something it crops up of the canals as it does of the returns can hit the back of their split capture properties, gosh yes this is the display I want you to capture of the only words I have never actually set up EU two catch or know because I've never to her reaction for Selig any moment while I do that, you know OK I'm typing the goal of there were no , I think so in no pits and don't have tickets got my mouse but is not getting everything else about the purpose of these are all much trapped and not hope that's not it up and can rejoin the call all welcome OK and recall , open will and a of OK so were duly we're a deal ,: 22 rad don't night's of the windows of window open let's try this again above the mean all the creatures of the whale in well on try to get this to work band it's not working well all of it appears that is not working at least I'm not knowing how it's working , gosh been you you're just sleeping here mime wets mayoral parole , at of which he has stopped a bus number and I spent that is a role are leased on the picture of so , it is not working for me to try and pull this up is yes yes, a mobile home owners that an yes yes trying it one more tone and capture its recapture the sure the one who could only one among no oh yeah I really am into the fall guy I really like it, lots of wild thinks phone could no still not working , well column pencil and 40 in US Fleet for me so I think only under in western gear and I were to figure out how to end in on 1 to 2 of yet no I'm not giving you muster the new yet have a great well are thank you all for watching our guests are up you had fun I know I did thought that the corrected for hot key ring ever one hardcore and then killing everyone hard core are against the tigers channel check out MK it until channel between you know someone old host one trick us had for his hand and the fact are well so on the side of all mixture like Cher subscribe to all those amazing when things follow are and checkup is a big eyes and I will see you guys next week for our economic doom or my craft I may do different game if som was to put a game in the discord of Allies of byte of we'll see you and I'll see you next time I will watch a video and I will do reaction video on it and record it posted yet I will open with that the high