*OBS* How To Stream Your Screen on Facebook // How To Go live on Facebook with pc (Best Settings!)

*OBS* How To Stream Your Screen on Facebook // How To Go live on Facebook with pc (Best Settings!)

In this video I am going to show you how to stream on facebook, without lag or freezing I am gonna go over the whole entire process of streaming to facebook from how to download obs, how to chose your bitrate and reseloution I mean stick around for this one guys, I think it's going to be one of my most helpful videos yet

hey guys, it's your boy foxy and this week we're going to talk about How to stream to facebook And I could safely say that I know what I am talking about, since I made quite a few videos about the streaming topic and I have helped quite a lot of people anyways, let's jump straight into it the first thing that you are going to need to be able to live stream to facebook is obviously a facebook account, but I am going to assume you already have that next, you need to download OBS Studio from this webpage over here, simply head to this link that i will be leaving in the description and press this big button that says download

which basically if you are on windows, press the windows button, if you are on mac, press the mac button and if you are on linux, press the linux button Install OBS, and let's take the first step into streaming to facebook with obs Okay, open OBS and chances are that if it's your first time opening obs it's going to look a little bit diffrent than mine, but don't worry, your boy Foxy is here and I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know step by step to set up obs the right way first, head to this scenes menu and go ahead and press this plus shaped button over here when you press it as you could see you could add a new scene and name it whatever you want I'm going to be naming it scene two, press okay, and a new scene should be created next go to the sources menu right next to the scenes menu and this is where the magic happens, similar to the scenes menu, press the big plus shaped button in the sources menu and as you could see this huge pop up menu will appear this is where you chose what you're going to be streaming for example if you are going to be streaming games, select game capture, if you are streaming your monitor like I am doing right now, select the display capture option you could also select your video capture device which is basically your camera interface, and you can add it to the stream leave a comment down below and tell me, what are you going to be streaming? but for now I'm going to be selecting the display capture because that is my choice as you could see this windows should appear, name it what ever you want I am going to be naming it display capture 2, and then I am going to be pressing okay press okay one more time, and as you could see, my screen is now on screen anyways, congratulations on going through the first step successfully, now let's move on to the settings OH! What's that?! You don't know how to get to the settings in obs? well don't don't worry cuz I got your baby! see this big button at the buttom right corner of the obs window? if you press it it will magically open this huge window that has all the settings we're going to be tweaking so you can have the crispiest quality stream on your street

on this general tab, there isn't much to change besides the language and the theme for obs, this is where I changed my theme to the dark theme let's move on to the stream tab and this is where you are going to be doing your first official settings tweaking open the service drop down menu and select facebook live the server is going to be staying at default since we don't really have a choice and now we're going to be adding out stream key go back to your web browser and go to facebookcom/live/create I'll be leaving the link in the description, so don't worry there's a gigantic button at the center of the screen that says create live stream as you could see when you press it, it will take you to the facebook live stream control panel scroll down and in this "get started" box go ahead and select "use stream key" and if you scroll down even further you could actually see your stream key I do have to warn you guys not share the stream key with anyone because if someone gets hold of you own stream key they'll have access to your stream, and they'll have the ability to stream what ever they want, which is bad news for your reputation anyways, copy your stream key and head back over to obs now paste it to the field that says stream key and now press apply congratulations, you have now completed stage 2 of this tutorial let's go now and start taking care of the other settings, we're going to start with the video tab set the base resolution to your monitors native resolution

the output resolution is a little more tricky, you actually have to chose it according to your upload speed but don't worry fam, your homeboy foxy got your back again, i'll show you how to chose! can we get a like for all this love and affection vibes I'm sending towards you guys? anyways go to speedtestnet do a simple internet speed test on your connection your download speed is not relevant to us since we are going to be live streaming and what we're going to focus on instead is our upload speed but now, memorize that upload speed, and now look at this table that I specially made for this tutorial as you can see, you can chose a resolution according to that upload speed you have

so going back to the output resolution over here my output res respective to my upload speed is 480×270 downscale filter make sure it says lanczoz open this drop down menu and pick common fps values now if your going to be streaming a game I would suggest sticking with either 30 fps or 60 fps what ever your upload speed allows you to do and now let's move to the output menu encoder, select the nvidia option or AMD option if available which if you didn't know will allow your graphics card to encode the livestream and that will free a huge load off your processor and in turn make your pc run smoother but if you don't have that option, no worries, you can still run with the software option x264 Tick the enforce streaming service encoder settings and make sure to untick the rescale output option rate control, open the drop down menu and select VBR, which stands for variable bitrate

and now put your bitrate and max bitrate according to your upload speed and according to the table that I put once again on the screen the key frame inerval, crank that bad boy up to a 2 as for the preset you have liberty to chose between Max quality and performance do not go anywhere lower than performance! Max quality being the option to chose if you have a really high end gaming pc, and performence being the option if you have like a 1060ti graphics card go ahead and select quality if you have a normal pc like i do, and pretty much the majority of the people do go ahead and select performance but a general rule of thumb is, if in doubt, chose performance So Stick with performance the profile, keep that badboy at high untick look ahead and do tick psycho visual tuning and now crank that max b frames to a 2 and now press apply and now you could press the start streaming button as you could see my stream is starting and now, going back to the facebook live stream dashbord as you could see if I scroll up, you could see that there is a big button up there saying go live you could press it and then you will go live guys that has been how to stream to facebook, leave a like, subscribe and peace!