Live Streaming Tutorial – SlingStudio Tutorial

Live Streaming Tutorial – SlingStudio Tutorial

Welcome to SlingStudio In this video, you will learn how to livestream your broadcasts

Start by connecting your SlingStudio to the internet using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable attached to the USB C Extender You can use the dashboard to check your upload speed A good upload speed is 5 megabits per second To begin setup of livestreaming, go to the project settings, and turn on live broadcasting Select the destination to get started

You can choose between YouTube, Facebook, and custom RMTP options Let's start with YouTube Here you'll be asked to log on to your YouTube account Be sure to set your permissions to make sure everything runs smoothly The 'Stream Now' option allows you to start immediately

Live events will schedule an event for a later specified time you can add a title and description of your broadcast as well as set the privacy to public, unlisted, or private Once you have made your selections, click 'Set Destination' Now save the project, and go back to your production interface When you are ready to begin streaming, hit the 'Go Live' button just below record You can copy the URL to share, or just start streaming

The status of your stream will be indicated in the bottom of your program monitor, showing both your run time and your number of viewers Under the 'Live Event' section, you can create a new event or open one you've already created This allows you to create an event that will start at a specific time and date You will have the same title description and privacy options that you do in the live stream You can also choose between several video resolutions

To end the broadcast, hit the 'Go Live' button again You'll be asked to confirm, and we'll have a chance to copy the URL As with YouTube, Facebook requires you to log in and set the necessary permissions You can broadcast to pages groups or events that you are a member of You can schedule a future event or publish now

Add a title description and select your privacy option Broadcasting to Facebook requires a 720p 30 stream, so make sure your project is set up for this A custom RMTP is available for other streaming services You can add a title here You will need a server URL and stream key to set up your custom broadcast

For the user agent, select between flash media live encoder and SlingStudio For more tutorials, check out the rest of our videos here at MySlingStudiocom