Live Streaming for Small Business (SO YOU CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS FAST)

Live Streaming for Small Business (SO YOU CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS FAST)

Stuck on how to get started selling with live streaming for your small business? Watch this video until the end I'm gonna give you three powerful tips to start converting leads and closing sales online right away

For the best tips, strategies, and actionable advice to grow your business, scale your dream, and build an unstoppable team make sure you hit the bell and subscribe so you never miss an episode The exact strategies that you hear me cover in today's video have been used to help my clients create 5 figure paydays, 50 clients in 4 months, and even a couple 20k days so if you're interested in applying these techniques stick with me till the end So I already know you're watching today's video because you're an entrepreneur or small business owner that's ready to start converting, engaging, and closing clients with live streaming Now the first and most important element of you making sales online with live streaming is your energy in the way you show up Being present on camera is not the same as showing up energetically and truly being invested in creating an experience for everyone that joins you

The way that you show up is how you make people feel and people make buying decisions based on emotion What I want you to think about is what emotion do you need to create for the people watching your video to get them excited and to trust you enough to pull out their credit card So let's get down to business with strategy number 1 to help you get started getting results today Comment below with the energy that you felt from people that you decided to buy online from before Chances are they were super confident, extremely excited and calm, cool and collected in their approach

They were probably over-the-top helpful and offered super valuable tips, strategy and advice Comment below with what your experience has been from people that you decided to buy from recently Step number 2 So if you want to get people to buy from you during live streams, you have to first engage them That means you got to keep them watching and you got to make sure that they're actually understanding and taking in what you're sharing and that they feel engaged in the co-creation process

This means that engagement is everything when it comes to your live stream That's why you want to make sure you're asking questions, you are maybe having a little fun with it, encouraging people to share an emoji or a gif, asking a question, making a comment about what they're learning I even oftentimes ask people to take notes and many times that results in back and forth between the participants and ten times more engagement throughout the process So I want you to now think about what can you do during your live streams to ask questions, to engage your audience and help them become a part of the conversation right out of the gate? Comment below with one thing you're gonna commit to doing in your live streams going forward to make sure that you keep your audience engaged Now let's move on to step number three

So you've shown up, you've brought the energy, you've displayed the confidence and the emotion necessary to get people bought into you and your brand You've delivered value, of course that's the given in this process, and you focus on engaging them throughout the process with questions, conversation, back and forth, and dialogue Now let's move on to the third and most important part which is that you have to nail the CTA, the call to action, and you have to integrate it three to five times That's right three to five times This is one of the things I see entrepreneurs would struggle with the most

We all know that we have to be sharing content but content isn't enough They always say that content is king, and content really isn't king Content that converts is king So what I want you to think about now is when you prepare to go live the next time how are you going to integrate three to five times the exact next step that you want people to take that is going to be most likely to lead to a sale? Whether it's opting in, visiting a landing page, or applying for a conversation with you Incorporating that called action three to five times is absolutely essential if you want to see consistent profits from your live stream

A couple examples of how you can be successful in incorporating a call to action that's going to yield crediblity and result is A Use Stories B Sell the Results C

Give a Specific Example and D Talk About the End Result that your client is going to get or that your prospect is going to get when they engage in this process with you So now you have a perfect three-step plan to 10x your engagements and conversions from livestreaming, but there's more to this story, isn't there? We all know that once you get on camera sometimes everything gets thrown right out the window that you just learned So here's what I'm gonna do When you text in SELLLIVE to 4 4 2 2 2 I'm gonna give you a simple cheat sheet that you can fill out before you go live each and every time and tape right up on your camera or your computer in front of you with reminders of the key triggers that you need to incorporate and the action steps that you need to make sure happen if you want to see conversions and sales and I'm gonna offer you a couple other little bonuses along the way

So one more time I want you to text in SELLLIVE to 44222 Now if you're outside the US don't worry we have you covered there's a loop below in the comments that you can click to access this resource as well and I know all of you guys want to sell more, you want to profit faster, and you want to have more fun doing it and that's why it's important that you take action right away Get this cheat sheet, print it out, fill it out and get started using it text in SELLLIVE to 44222 That's all one word and get started today Now I hope you enjoyed today's video and if you did I would so appreciate if you leave me a comment about what you got out of it and of course share with a friend

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