How to use you GoPro 8 and OBS wireless without the media module on your mac. (Tutorial OBS GoPro 8)

How to use you GoPro 8 and OBS wireless without the media module on your mac. (Tutorial OBS GoPro 8)

Hey guys Today I'm going to show you how to connect your GoPro 8 to your OBS without the need of a media mod totally wireless so you can use it to stream to any streaming service

So what I'm gonna do is install my GoPro to my application on my Android device or on your iPhone so I'm just gonna breeze through this I'll just press connect my GoPro I'll allow some settings I'll choose the GoPro Hero 8 I'll follow the instructions on my GoPro to connect it to my device it'll start searching for my camera press connect I'll change the name on the on the camera I just wanted to show you guys that it's a GoPro 8 that I'm using so I'm gonna install it from the beginning I'll press save it's founded press let's go,,, and there we go, we are connected to my GoPro So what we want to do now is install the rtmp server on our Mac, So we go to the website

I'll leave the link on description so you guys can download it just go to the github page and you'll see the information about this particular development so if you have some knowledge of Nodejs you'll be able to breeze through this We'll just go ahead and download it and then we'll uncompress it and I want to give a big shout out to the guys that made this package Sallar, Johan44CEO, NaanProphet, thank you guys for this package this is awesome So now we want to open the folder on a terminal or you can use your terminal and go to the folder we will type in "npm install" so this will download all the dependencies needed for the node program to work So now that all the packages have been downloaded we'll go into the folder and see that the node-modules folder has been created

We can go inside the node-modules and see all the packages have been downloaded and installed correctly So now we want to start the program we'll type in npm start this will actually get the program up and running so after we type in npm start you'll see the your program running at the top of your toolbar you'll see a small camera and grayed out you can click on it and now you see that you have your rtmp server working you'll have your rtmp URL and a string key that we'll configure on a GoPro later on So next up, we are going to stream our live video from our GoPro camera to the rtmp server and then we're going to use this stream as an input for OBS to stream to any streaming service so I'm gonna start the GoPro app I'm gonna try to control my camera I'll press control your GoPro you'll start looking for it So we are now connected we're gonna scroll to the left we're and gonna choose the last one that says Live We're gonna hit the bottom button and we'll have three buttons you'll have Facebook YouTube and a live stream to other GoPro can stream to any of these services but you also have the option of an rtmp server and that's the one we're gonna set up

Tap on the one that says Live stream to other and we'll hit setup live So for this part we need to get our local address of our my computer just go to System Preferences go to network choose your Wi-Fi and choose advanced tcp/ip get the address and copy it Once we have our local address we will also need our streaming key well you can get that tapping on the grayed out camera on your toolbar just pressing the copy button so we're gonna form rtmp: // localIPaddress/streamingkey that's the URL that we're gonna need to put our GoPro to stream towards rtmp server So now we're gonna connect our GoPro to our local network Wi-Fi network and we're also going to paste the URL so it's gonna be rtmp local IP address / streaming key, You can also set setup resolution if you can go to 720 or 1080 whichever you want to use you also have the option to save it to your SD card tap on the setup like button and then press the go live button and there we are streaming live to our streaming server You can see now that the camera at the top of toolbar turned into red so it's now receiving video from your GoPro so let's test this real quick I'll use INNA, I'll paste my network address and uhh there's my stream it's working I'll move the camera around a bit so you guys can see and there you are okay so let's open OBS

Now we make sure that we have our stream working it's receiving video we're going to add a new media source hit the plus media source We'll just name it GoProStream press okay so by removing this checkbox you'll be able to put in your rtmp server URL and use it as an input for OBS so let's go ahead and paste it press ok and there it is it's up here it's it's not showing the preview or when you do a transition and there it is your GoPro streaming wirelessly to your OB s without the use of any media mod now how cool is that so now you can start streaming to your favorite streaming service