How to stream Pre-Recorded Video to Facebook | Pre-Recorded Live Stream Tutorial

How to stream Pre-Recorded Video to Facebook | Pre-Recorded Live Stream Tutorial

Hey guys! If you're looking to livestream your pre-recorded video within a couple of minutes you are at the right place! I'm gonna show you how to do it with LiveReacting platform, so let's get started! I previously made an account and now I just have to log in Once I'm logged in, I can choose one of the templates especially for the pre-recorded live, or create a new one from the scratch Now I'm gonna go for the first option

So, I click on one of the templates, and now I'm ready to adjust the template in my own way So first, I click on the Video Layer on the right side, select File and Upload the video that I previously recorded Let's say I have a fitness studio, so I upload the video with a workout tutorial, which I want to stream as live now, when the video is uploaded, I just click on it and it will appear on the screen Now I want to upload my own logo, so I just delete this one, click New Layer > click Image and select my logo So I'm just going to place it in the corner Like this

Next, I'm gonna replace the text with my own and adjust the font, text color, and the background As an option, I can add Animated Text instead of the Static one To add one, I remove the Simple Text > click New Layer > choose Text > Animated text, and on the right side I type in my message Now I'm ready to stream my pre-recorded video I click Settings, make sure that I choose the right account where I want to stream my video > choose title and video description Now I have to set the duration of the livestream

I can choose an option to stop my livestream manually and in case it's a video, that needs to be streamed longer than 8 hours I can tick "Continuous Live" otherwise, the stream will be stopped after 8 hours automatically But this option is not for now, as I want to stream my video for only 45 minutes So after I chose the duration, I can schedule my live stream for a specific day and time, so it will go out automatically When everything is set, I just click Save button Now the only thing left is to click GO LIVE and my video will be streamed on my Facebook page

This is how my pre-recorded life looks like on Facebook If needed, I can stop the stream before it's actually supposed to end To do so, I just go back to My Project and click END STREAM And by the way, you don't have to keep your browser open when you're pre-recorded video is streamed You can close all the tabs and even switch off your computer – this won't influence your live stream in any way

We hope this tutorial was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments below!