How to: Live Stream to Instagram from your Computer with OBS Studio

How to: Live Stream to Instagram from your Computer with OBS Studio

Hi there, I'm Jecca I'm gonna try to explain how to download, install, setup InstagramLive-PHP So this program, whoever made it, Thanks to you

It will let you stream straight to Instagram from your computer So this is really helpful for artists on Instagram Digital artists on Instagram so that your phone's not in your face when you're trying to stream from Instagram and then you've got it gotta like go around your Phone with your and you're trying to see what you're drawing But then your phone's in your way

Either that or your followers are like Looking at your video from this weird angle and then everything's all distorted for them But you know, this is gonna solve your problem It's gonna look a whole lot cooler and people are gonna be like, aw dang Anyway, so let's get to it so There's gonna be some stuff to download All right, we downloading stuff First link this one: https://windowsphp

net/download#php-72 Is going to bring you to this page right over here You're going to want to know if you have a 64-bit operating system or a 32-bit operating system If you don't know how to find that go to your computer Right click in here somewhere Click properties and it'll tell you your system type 64-bit operating system is what I got And close that So those of you have 64 you're gonna get the x64 thread safe, you're gonna click zip, and save it to your downloads And for those who have 32-bit you're gonna get the x86 thread safe zip And you're going to save it I'm not gonna do it because I already got the other one so once it's finished It'll pop up in your downloads

Mine's right here my downloads you're going to right-click Open it with winrar or Whatever you got to extract zip files Open with winrar (babbling) Double-click it you opened it It's here You hit Extract to: I would extract it to its own folder So I'm gonna put on my desktop as well I'm gonna say new folder and I'm gonna keep it the same name just for you know, so I know what's going on I'm gonna enter enter it's gonna do its thing It's extracting You can close up whatever program you opened to extract that file

You can delete this if you want right here the zip file But go ahead and go Open that folder And just to make sure things are running double-click "php-winexe" It's not going to do anything You're going to double click "phpexe" so that this pops up and it's just to make sure it pops up I don't know I'm just following what someone else did I'll put some credit in the description

Close that Keep this open I recommend keeping it (file explorer) open And then you're going to go to the second link https://getcomposerorg/download/ Which will bring you to this right here

You're going to click this link "Composer-Setupexe" Save it to your downloads, whatever Once it's done You're going to run it Say yes to whatever comes up This (the installer) will pop up click Next Then you're going to browse for phpexe which is in the folder that we just made Alrighty right here Double click it

Click Next make sure this is checked Or keep it checked I should say the phpini file Click Next click Next click install It's gonna do this I don't know how long it can take

Sometimes it takes a while sometimes it doesn't Click Next when it's done and click finish Now we're going to open up the third link https://curlhaxxse/ca/cacertpem which is a direct download it's going to prompt you to save right away And you're going to save it to the Folder we just made go inside, go to extras, SSL and click Save You don't have to open that

Do not open it I don't know what its gonna do if you open it I don't think it's gonna do anything but you know We gots to do other things You're going to go to the folder that we just made This one remember? You're going to scroll down in that folder And you're going to right-click phpini It's a configuration setting type file and you're going to open it with notepad Or whatever you use to edit code

So this is going to pop up And we're going to find ctrl-f to find "curl" Hit enter It'll bring you to this (;extension=curl) Remove the semicolon next to this scroll down Remove the semicolon next to extension=gd2 scroll down remove the semicolon next to extension=exif Now go back to your find window ctrl F to find of course if you closed it type in curl hit next You're gonna be brought down to this scroll down Remove the semicolon next to curlcainfo = Go at the end of the line

Hit space So that it is "curlcainfo = " space equals space Open quotation mark and Now we're going to get the pathway to the file that we just saved to the extras SSL And it's gonna be this one, "cacertpem" The easiest way to do this is to (not this i messed up) You know, I'm gonna do it like this click the Address bar or whatever this is, browser bar, whatever copy all of that I hit ctrl C to copy make things easier for me Go back to the php

ini file in notepad Next to the open quotation mark, paste After the pathway, type cacertpem close quotation marks, and then you're going to save the file File save Then close it up (babbling) We're going to open up the last link https://githubcom/JRoy/InstagramLive-PHP which is the actual Instagram live PHP download It's going to bring you to this page you're going to scroll down pass all that crap Then here on "Live Setup" you're going to go to #3, click "most release release" which I'm sure it's supposed to be most recent release but whatever and then you're going to click "updatephp" It's going to ask you to save it already

I would put it in a new folder I'm gonna title it igLive Okay, put it in folder by itself because it's gonna make more files So once you save it don't open it You're going to open up a command prompt window Now to do this you can hit start Type command prompt Open that thing, the first thing that comes up Here you're going to type a command (babbling) First, you're going to want to find the address to the folder we just made For me, it's igLive, right? So I double-click it I'm gonna copy the pathway by hitting in this address bar and Copying it, you know ctrl C to copy ctrl-v to paste but first before you paste you're going to type cd in the command prompt window space control V (to paste) so that the pathway shows up and you're gonna press ENTER this tells the command prompt to Look inside this folder for whatever I'm about to type next Now you're going to type "php updatephp" Press Enter

It's gonna do this It's gonna do the thing it's gonna put more files in the folder that you just made and while it's doing that I suggest going to your OBS settings and Fixing them Fix your OBS settings (babbles) What I mean, is that your settings Have to be, for your video settings, this output scaled resolution (and also the base) has to be 720×1280 Either that or nothing bigger All right

So 720 by 1280 has to be your output (and base) scaled resolution and Your common FPS value or your FPS value has to be 30 Your output here your rescale output should also be 720 by 1280 You can just type it you can double click inside this box and type it it's not gonna let me right now because I'm currently using OBS, but if you double click in the Box you can type in 720×1280 Alright, and then it'll turn your thing like this so that it's vertical 9:16 not 16:9 Your bitrate I don't know if you guys want to play with this I put my thing in advanced mode by the way output mode advanced and then streaming and then 720 X 1280 that's the important part I don't know what your settings are or What works best for your computer you're gonna have to play with it yourself and figure out what you need Later, we're going to open this window, but first Let's get back to this, okay You'll see when it's done when it says instagram live – PHP is up to date and then you'll see the pathway and the cursor is blinking So now your your folder should now look like this, the igLive folder should look like this You're going to right-click "configphp" And you're going to open with notepad So here is where you're going to input your username, your Instagram username and Instagram password

(babbling) Everything else, I wouldn't change This one you can change if you want So that it updates every time so you're always using like the newest thing but it really doesn't matter And then you're going to save it You're gonna save it and close it Alright, save it and close (babbling) I guess if you want to change your account to something else you're gonna open up the config window again Or the config and edit it again and then, you know change the account and password So here in your command prompt window, you're going to type "php goLivephp" once you press enter, you are live pretty much

All right, there's no going back (babbling again) Once you hit so this is what I'm saying Alright, have your OBS ready go to File – Settings Go to stream From a stream type you're gonna choose "custom streaming server" this URL will always be the same rtmp://live-upload

instagramcom:80/rtmp/ That that URLs always been it's always gonna be the same Copy it and it's always going to pop up in the command prompt window after you enter that command This however, the stream key, will change all the time This will always be new so you always have to open the settings and Change the stream key In order to go live on instagram (babblinggg) Then you're going to press enter it may ask you what profile you want to use for your OBS if you have different profiles setup and your just gonna type in the number next to it and press ENTER, Here's the stream key Okay current stream key right here You're going to want to copy this ctrl C to copy put it in stream key and hit OK and Then from here you're going to want to press start streaming Now make sure, before you do this, your Instagram has to be logged out, like you're not in your current Instagram on another device All right, so I'm in my side account Press enter

(idk what i'm saying but) "once you're live" press enter New window pops up This is where you can type commands and As you can see it's live And if I had changed the settings to 720 by 1280, it would be vertical everything would fit inside the screen Alright, so in this window over here What you can do is you can type different commands if you type "help" it'll tell you what you can type in so let's say If you want to type a comment you type "comment" on the command line window and then it asks what you want to comment and Let's say I want to put "testing" And then it'll say over here if it's successful You can see the chat as it comes up and it also shows you who comes in And then you copy this ID if you want to pin a comment you type "pin" over on the command line window And it'll ask you which one you want You paste in that ID and then it'll say over here the comment is pinned So now if we look We now have a pinned comment on the thing And then there's like so many other things you can do on this and you can also see if like You have any viewers or who's watching It'll spit out the response over here It'll even tell you who's watching rather than just a number and then if you want to Unpin the comment it'll unpin whatever is pinned right now And then now the comment is unpinned Let's just say, let's end it

Now it's time to stop If you type in "stop" in the command line window It'll ask you if you want to archive it you say yes If like so that people can watch it after your stream ends if not, you just say no, I'm gonna say no and the request is sent and here it'll say That the stream is ended and that's it and then here you would click stop streaming I'm not gonna click it right yet because sometimes it'll stop recording as well (i didn't want to stop recording since i'm making this video) As you can see the stream is ended even though I'm technically still streaming on OBS so I'm going to stop the stream on OBS right now Okay, cool still recording cuz I had to change the setting in order to do the thing So I hope this helped you I hope to see a lot more people use this because I want to see some beautiful streams and If it didn't help I'm so sorry I'm not the greatest at explaining If you want more help on how to get OBS to be vertical rather than horizontal I can try to help you with that But yeah You'll have to you know what, there are OBS tutorials out there on YouTube, there's like a billion of them So go ahead and go look for them Anyway, so the methods I used were a combination of a couple actually So, let me go to the video that I first watched Which is this one by PhelpsCG I used half of his I don't know if it's his own method or not Um, maybe it is maybe it's not So I used half of that and then it wasn't working for me So I had to go and Do some research and then I used The creator's way Half at the creators way, from here

I will put links to these videos as well in the description for y'all If y'all want to see what they did and If you want to try, if like my way is not working, then you want to try your own way Sometimes it just kind of depends on your computer I guess I don't know or like what programs you got going for PHP whatever so yeah, hopefully this works for you and Y'all have a wonderful day Beautiful day follow me on Instagram I am @jeccae I do the arts

i make this, mucho beauty alright Bye