Hello everyone, happy to see your friendly faces again In this video I'm gonna show you how to add facebook streaming to your OBS

What you want to do first is go to your facebook page If you happen to have a user and a page Then first you want to switch to the page because then usually you will want to stream to the page and not to the user You can do both though So don't worry, both is possible

I'm going to show you how to do it for the page (it's the same for the user) So first I switch to my page Now I'm on my facebook page and there is this thing here which is called "Live Video" So I click that one It wants camera permission which is currently not possible because the camera is right here in this OBS

But never mind What you going to do is go to "Connect" Over here it says "Connect your livestream to the live API Chose when you want to post your broadcast on the right hand side" So you can basically add stuff here like when you're broadcast should be posted, like should it be shared on your timeline, should it be shared in a group, you want to share an event or should it be shared on a page you manage

You can change the page of course I usually would share it on my facebook page That's the place I was at On the ChiefAvalon page I want the livestream So I select "Share on page I manage"

Then here you can say something about your live stream blahblahblah You can set a title for your livestream which is blahblahblah or which is "come watch" or whatever And you can even add tags and you can name the game, like for example Clash Royale You can add the game here That's just the basic settings

Then below here you get a stream key What you need in OBS to connect facebook is basically what is right here, the server URL that you will need to connect to facebook And you need the stream key Always keep the stream key secret So if you have not enabled "Persistent Stream Key" you will have a different stream key for every stream

So I usually recommend because that's quit a hassle to have that persistent stream key enabled And that means you will need to do this setup only once and from then on just start OBSand you're done It's very easy You don't have to change any stream settings anymore if you have the persistent stream key What you do is, you copy your persistent stream key right here

You don't need the server URL You're going to see why in a minute You copy that secret key Never share that key with anyone because then they can stream on your behalf and you don't want that So keep that key secret at all times

So you copy that key With that copied key you go to your OBS I have a special facebook profile here You see I have a profile for every stream I'm going to, like for Twitch and Youtube I created a facebook profile

Then you go to "Settings", "Stream" You select streaming service That's why you don't need to copy the URL because if you select streaming service OBS already provides you with the correct URL And if you select "Custom Streaming Server" you can provide any URL that you want to stream to So we select "Streaming Service", then here from the services we select of course "Facebook Live" not Youtube or Twitch

That's the URL You leave the server on default Add your stream key right here You press OK and you're all set you can press your "Start Streaming" button and your stream will connect So why do you stream to the page? The reason is if you stream to the page you can then go and share it to your person profile as well

So everybody will see that you're live So let's try this here So let's press the start streaming button and then switch to your facebook page, you will basically see the stream here already And then you can just click this over here The "Go Live" button and you're live with your stream

So there is actually a nice little preview available here in Facebook streaming I'm not gonna do this now I'm actually going to stop the stream instead So I hope you find this tutorial helpful I'm planning to have a weekly tutorial series

So make sure to subscribe to my channel, click the little bell for notifications and I'll see you in the next video Bye