How to Broadcast Your Zoom Live Stream to Every Platform

How to Broadcast Your Zoom Live Stream to Every Platform

(lighthearted and rhythmic music) – [Narrator] Zoom has become the defacto platform for remotely hosting conversations, channels, presentations, all hands meetings and virtual events But with a cap at a 100 participants, what happens when you want to broadcast your events across YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and every other streaming platform on the internet

In this video, we're going to show you exactly how to do that with Switchboard Cloud To get started, open up Switchboard Cloud and add an encoder (live intro music) When choosing a server, if you're in the US select US Geo If you're outside the US select Global Geo This will automatically pick the best server for your Zoom's live stream to broadcast with the shortest delay

Make note of the server URL and the stream key You'll need it when going live For the next step, go to Zoom's website in a browser Select the setting menu in the Settings Select in meeting advanced Scroll down and switch on allow live streaming, then select Custom live streaming service, then save it

Start a new Zoom Room This could either be for your event or a Personal Room for setup Click on more than live on custom live streaming service This will launch a new web page, input the server URL and stream key from Switchboard Cloud For page URL with the URL of one of the channels you're going to be streaming to, next click go live

You should now see your Zoom Room in the preview screen on switchboard cloud You only have to connect Zoom to Switchboard Cloud once In the future when you go live, it will automatically connect to Switchboard Cloud Next, set up the destinations you want to stream to in Switchboard Cloud Click the icon of one of the main streaming platforms or click the plus to access many more

You can create groups for your destinations and apply a template with your events title and description, to every destination in that group For more on Connecting Switchboard Cloud to your streaming platforms and on using templates, check out the playlist above When you're ready to go live with your Zoom event, click live on custom live streaming service Next, go to Switchboard Cloud and check on your encoder workflow You should see a video preview of your Zoom meeting

If everything looks good and you're ready to start streaming, select the checkbox for your destination group and then hit go live And that is how you stream your Zoom event, meeting or webinar to every platform on the internet and reach the widest possible audience For a step by step guide, check out the description below For more videos on improving your live streaming presence, be sure to subscribe to Switchboard live