Easy-to-Use HD Video Switcher for Live-Streaming — Roland VR-1HD

Easy-to-Use HD Video Switcher for Live-Streaming — Roland VR-1HD

– So if you are livestreaming as a gamer, or you're livestreaming as an entrepreneur or content creator in any arena, then you've gotta hear about the Roland VR-1HD, and in this video, we're gonna be sharing all the details, coming up (techno music) [Sean] This video is brought to you by Skill Share

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Just click the link in the description to get started today – Hey, what's up? Sean here with Think Media bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video, and we're here at CBS at the Roland booth I'm here with Christian, who's part of the global marketing team, and we're talking about this brand new streaming mixer Christian, what's happening here? – Sure, so this is the VR-1HD, and it's a streaming appliance that's designed actually intended for creators So what we've done is given you a way that you're gonna get that same high-quality content that you produce and normally post, you can do that but do it live

All the platforms are now pushing live content more and more than posted content, so this way you can bring that caliber and engage with your audience in real time – Yeah, and ultimately we'll get into the specs and all of the things you could do here, but you have a lot of power to use the ability to switch, add multiple sources, but with a simple USB out, so if you wanna go live on Facebook, live on YouTube, Twitch, whatever, then you can mix all that content and put that final output really easily, right? – That's correct So you do all your production, and it just goes out the USB port on the back, shows up like a webcam on your Mac or your PC – Super, super easy All right, well let's go through the specs and what the features are here

– Sure, so with the VR-1HD you can input three sources, and these are what we call no-hassle HDMI input So what it means is each input can take its own video resolution, so a lot of video switchers you have to match your camera sources, so everything matches the switcher This one, you don't have to, you just plug in your equipment, be it a computer, a gaming console, a camera, and it just accepts it and it's ready to go In fact, if you're a gamer, the third input even has a dedicated through, so you don't get any latency from the video switch, you can just go directly to your monitor, so you're playing in real-time, because latency is a big issue for gamers – [Sean] One hundred percent

I love it And then there's a couple other inputs on the back there – Yep, absolutely So, you got your HDMI, then you got your HDMI outputs, so you're able to see it on the screen, and then as far as audio, we've got two high-quality microphones, so if you use professional microphones that require fan-in power, you can just turn that on Then, if you have a more robust audio mixer or something like that, you can just input that through the audio-ins as well

Plus, your game audio or any audio coming from the HDMI inputs is also mixed in here as well – That's awesome And, those are fan-in power inputs You have a goose neck on one of these in the B-roll footage that we captured here, but you could do any mic at all you want and up to two mics – [Christian] That's correct, exactly

The reason we put the goose neck on there is that if you're the talent and the director, the goose neck is right there, just makes a nice tabletop interface for you to use – [Sean] That's brilliant Well tell me about the rest of the features here – Sure, absolutely Switching, real straight-forward

Input one, two, three, as you need to Then we have a number of scenes, so if you're gaming, and you have a camera on you and you wanna do an inset window, you can set those up any way you want, so you can adjust the zoom that's inside the window, you can adjust the size, you can even do a split so if you wanna be full-length down the side of the screen and then your game on the right side or the left side, you can do that So these scenes, you just set them up and you can switch between scenes as you're playing or as you're podcasting or interviewing somebody as a creator for that – And how do you set those up? Are we talking about hardware here, or is there some software that works with it to control these things? – The answer is both So, right on the screen, on your output screen, you can go in and you can make all the adjustments, then there's also a software that communicates over the USB port that you can do all the settings on your computer as well

– Fantastic And then there's a few other knobs and these sliders here as well What's up? – Absolutely So again, the more hardware and tactile things you can move on your own, the better, the faster, and the easier it is to produce what you're doing So, these are the faders for your microphone levels as well as the line input

You can also adjust the volume for the HDMI inputs through the menu system And then this section over here is actually pretty cool So, you can set up to– These buttons are multi-purpose The first one is a voice-changer So, one of our most popular products is a voice transformer, so if you're a gamer and you like to transform your voice if you're playing as a character, this will actually allow you to change the character of your voice so a guy can play as a girl, a girl can play as a guy, you can play as a monster, an ogre, a robot, whatever you want, all those effects right through the voice changer

So that's kind of a cool unique feature You can apply it to either mic, and each mic can actually have its own voice changer settings if you're playing with somebody Also, these buttons, you can play back audio samples So, if you have applause or stingers or like boo-yah, or you have your own theme music, you can just hit that and it'll start your theme music, fade it out at the end, and then you can start your podcast or your game that you're doing And then there's reverb if you're a singer or somebody like that as well, so

There's some other cool audio features that we've built in there as well – Super cool And then I saw this mini button here and the ability to really quickly toggle through with that guy right there, and then the key for getting some chromakey going, right? – Um, it's actually a luma key so if you wanna do titling, that's what it's intended for, so there's no chromakeying in this particular unit – Excellent And then the on-air button is what pushes the live out? – Basically it fades up your video and your audio, so you can start with a white screen or a black screen and you just hit on-air and boom, your fade in for your video will start

– One hundred percent Now, this unit's super cool What is the price and timeline of this hitting the market? – Sure 1,495 in the US

is the retail price you'll find it at most dealers, and then probably April is when you'll see it Excellent, and then we talked a lot about gaming Obviously it has relevance, but talk about a few of the use cases you would see for an entrepreneur, a small business, a content creation team for using something like this – Sure, absolutely So, just about anything you wanna broadcast over the internet, you can pretty much use it for

So, again, we've designed this one, 'cause this is part of a family called the VR series, so we have another three mixers that are in this series that you can get, but with this one we really intended it for the person that wants to direct and be the talent at the same time So a few other features that are in here is the ability to have the audio help the video, so if we're doing an interview like this and we each have our own microphone, when you talk it'll switch to your camera, when I talk it'll switch to mine If we're both talking or nobody's talking, it'll switch out to the wide shot that we have set up Also, if you're a musician or a DJ and you're broadcasting, we have beat sync switching, so it'll follow the beat of the music and you can set it up randomly and it'll just kinda move with the tempo of what you're doing musically Then there's also a general auto switch that if you're covering a concert or something like that, you don't have an operator, you can just set it and it'll just keep going as you go

So, as you said, small businesses that wanna do, you know, the president's address to the company, online trainings, retail training, it's just a great all-in-one studio that's super easy to use – That's super smart And in the Think Media community, I think it'd be very practical if you wanted to set up a show and you're gonna go live weekly, and you got your two mics, your two cameras, and you get that all dialed in, you could pretty much just turn it on and let it switch for you, is kinda what you're saying – Exactly, exactly – Yeah, and then you go live on YouTube, on Facebook, this is doing the heavy lifting for you, and once you kinda dial it in, you've got a very powerful unit

We're very pumped about this Of course we'll link all the details in the description below And so I'm super excited that we got to get our eyes on this Roland mixer I think it definitely has some use cases for some of us in the Think Media community You know, livestreaming is a big deal this year

I want to encourage you, leverage livestreaming on YouTube, on Facebook, and actually, we get a lot of questions about our livestreaming set-up, and if you haven't seen that video, we'll link it up on the YouTube card and put it in the description below The capture card we use, the cameras we use, the software we use, but I'm excited to research this more and hopefully get our hands on one Question of the day: are you currently livestreaming? Are you livestreaming on YouTube, on Facebook, what do you use, and what did you think about the Roland unit? Let me know in the comments section below (techno music)