Conducting Live Stream in VIDIZMO using OBS Studio

Conducting Live Stream in VIDIZMO using OBS Studio

With employee bases and partner networks scattered across the globe, enterprises rely on video streaming to better connect all the stakeholders VIDIZMO can provide live stream through any RTMP hardware or software-based encoders

In this video, we will use OBS Studio to produce a professional live stream OBS Studio is a free and open source video streaming software, that can be used as a high-performance real-time video and audio capturing tool for broadcasting to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously OBS also enables screencast of the presenter’s screen along with their talking head video presentation This way, a subject knowledge expert can use a single software to simultaneously record their video using the webcam or any other recording device alongside a screen capture video of their desktop or laptop screen Let’s see what we have in-store for you today!  Assuming that you are just getting started with VIDIZMO, one-time configuration of ECDN followed by Publishing Point has to be done

  In ECDN Configuration, VIDIZMO allows you to configure your own origin and edge servers for uninterrupted and fast live or on-demand streaming experience All you need is the API Key and Access Key, to request data, through API calls, to API endpoints securely Subsequently, you can add a publishing point to your portal with your pre-configured ECDN By the way, a publishing point refers to the physical location of the streaming server where the live video feed is first delivered to via an encoder From there, VIDIZMO pulls live streaming to playback, effectively hosting the stream for all viewers

 A publishing point can be configured to either push or pull the video stream   And here we go, one-time configuration is done Let’s schedule a live stream in VIDIZMO now As an Administrator or Manager scheduling a livestreaming in VIDIZMO gives you complete control over the selection of your audience, by allowing you to specify who can access and join the live session   With a few clicks, you can enable viewer’s interactivity and feedback during the live stream with live chat and Q&As

You can also add meeting agenda and FAQs to answer any questions your audience might have before or during the session   Once you’re done, the next step is setting up the configuration in OBS Studio From the OBS Studio settings, enter the server name and stream key and check the Use Authentication Box and provide credentials to access the streaming server Select the Studio Mode to preview the stream before publishing it Now, add the media source you want to stream and start the streaming through OBS

By the way, you can stream multiple media sources at a time Let’s take a look at Live Control Room now To control and monitor live stream, we’ve got the Live Control Room To begin with, you can preview how the live streaming will appear to the audience before going live, while your audience can only see the countdown timer on playback screen before you start the session You can open the floor for interactivity before live streaming starts

This helps you answer any pre-session questions from your audience Once you start the session, viewers will be able to view it immediately on their playback screen Start recording if you want to make the video available for on-demand playback  In case of a breather, you can also pause and play your live stream   VIDIZMO provides an interactive pane that allows you to add interactive media such as handouts to provide supporting material, quizzes to conduct knowledge checks, and surveys to collect feedback from the audience at any point during the live stream

  Viewer experience is even better, right? Viewers can also engage and interact with one another through live chat and Q&As The added interactive media will appear on their screen when it’s published Viewers can fill in their responses and can also view their results for quizzes Time for some statistics and reports!  Well, here you can track total, unique and current viewers who have joined the session and reports give you quiz results and survey responses By the way, you can download the reports as well

Well, that’s all for this video To explore, what value VIDIZMO could create for your organization with its live streaming, you can set up a free trial, from Azure Marketplace, and AWS Marketplace, or request a free trial in VIDIZMO’s cloud Stay tuned until next time