Come fare una live su Youtube – Tutorial dirette live streaming Youtube

Come fare una live su Youtube – Tutorial dirette live streaming Youtube

One of the Youtube features that allows you to interact more with your own the public are surely the direct ones However it may not be easy to start, especially compared to other platforms like Facebook, just click on two buttons using your smartphone Today let's see how to set up your first live stream directly on your channel Hi, my name is Paolo and today we see the basics of live streaming on Youtube, that is live broadcasts We will see in detail how to do it with a computer, and not with a smartphone

If you are interested in the latter, let me know in the comments below and I will take it into consideration for an upcoming tutorial If you have ever clicked in the section of the channel that says Live Streaming you will have noticed that you do not it's very intuitive We would expect a nice big button to say something like 'start the live' But it is not there and the reason is simple We need a program that lets you capture video and audio and send it to the servers of Youtube

There are several, but what I suggest is called OBS It is open source, that is free and works great Once downloaded we open it and set a few things In the Stream section we select Youtube where it says service and below we need to insert the key, which you find inside your Youtube channel in the view screen before Copy and paste it here, making sure it doesn't go into the wrong hands

Well, you could already close the settings, but I want to show you others two things In the output section you can choose the video bitrate The higher it is, the higher the quality, but be careful because you will need to have a line very fast in upload to be able to manage it better If it is slow, I advise you not to touch this value or even try to reduce it If you have connected an external sound card you can select it in the audio section, where says Audio mic / auxiliary device

Well, let's close the settings On the main page you can create various scenes, or different screens to switch from one to another while you are live, but if you are starting out and you are alone, I do not recommend it The real important part is this, where we choose the video source By clicking on the + we can add one If you use your webcam, select Video capture device and name it

Click OK and then you will see that asks you to select it In my case I choose FaceTime HD Camera since I'm using a Mac I click on ok and as you can see my big face appears Well, now let's get back to Youtube and see some things before we leave In the basic information we can choose a title and a description as it were a normal other video

Same thing for the category and privacy In the stream options we can leave Enable DVR checked, if we want users to be able to go back to see pieces that are lost If we select "Set the archive as unlisted upon completion" Youtube will leave the video as unlisted, precisely, at the end of the live broadcasts Finally below I advise you to leave selected optimize for interaction if you want that your users have a nice live experience Last things: we can choose whether to monetize the video or not, we can create some tabs as for all other videos and finally we can upload a custom thumbnail

Well, all this done we are ready To go live we go back to OBS and click on Start transmission If the key has been inserted correctly, the direct will start after a few seconds! There is a bit of delay, so don't worry During the live you can manage the comments in the section below and you can see some statistics You can also share the link on other social platforms here to invite users that maybe at that moment I'm not on Youtube

When you're done, all you have to do is go back to OBS and click Stop Transmission After a few seconds it will also stop on Youtube Well, as you can see it is not as fast as clicking on two buttons, but not too complicated In addition to the webcam, you can also make a live video using the video camera, if you have it connected to the computer with a product like the blackmagic ultrastudio recorder of which I have already spoken in another video, and if you want you can share the screen of your computer In short, options that you would not have if you were just using your smartphone

As always, I hope I've been helpful, subscribe to my channel if you haven't already done, leave a like if you enjoyed the video and don't forget to follow me too on Facebook and on my site PaoloGrisendicom See you soon bye!