Amazon Live – How To Live Stream On Amazon (For Brands)  amazon seller

Amazon Live – How To Live Stream On Amazon (For Brands) amazon seller

– Hey guys, Dave here from iOgrapher I am so excited today

I got invited to do live streaming on Amazoncom, so think of QVC, I mean this is going to be groundbreaking I am thrilled and I'm going to take you along for the ride on my very first Amazon Live show There's the setup right here We've got all of our Switcher Studio things set up

I'm gonna show you how to do it today on iOgrapher TV (rock music) Yes, like I said, Amazon Live is live now I'm super excited to be a part of this Now it's only opened to brand-registered products So if your company has brand-registry and you're on Seller Central you can do live video and what is so cool about this, well, now I have access to millions of shoppers that are on there that might be looking up things that I have my keyword set for on my products

So this is their page, Amazoncom/Live I have no idea what's it's going to expand into or what it'll look like later There's not that many people using it yet which is awesome and here's some of them: campfire companies, etc, and then some of these are actual Amazon videos so like Amazon Live here has Amazon "In the Kitchen with @EdenEats

" So I think she might be an influencer so hopefully one day if you're an influencer they're gonna open up to you guys to come on here and do things because she does this great cooking show, I'm going to turn the audio off, but here she is, I mean your watching this, you're like, "Wow, I want to do all these things," and then you can go in here and buy whatever she's using So, this is totally like QVC, that's what I love about it So we did ours, so actually I did two today and I'm going to explain why when we get into the app But the first one I got booted off Amazon for violating policies – Fired! (door closes) – [Dave] and I think I know what it was

Hopefully my mistakes will help you guys so that you don't make the same mistake that I did Here I showed a video of our new Multi Case and then we get into, cut from there to me talking, introduce myself, and I really get into the whole thing of the Multi Case So let's dive into the app Now this is something as well that I was hoping Facebook would have, or YouTube or even Instagram That would be fantastic to be able to do all these things on those channels and give them links to purchase either on Amazon or on our own website

Absolutely perfect thing Why is it not there yet? I don't know But Amazon took the lead So here's Amazon Live It's a Creator app, I guess

It's called Amazon Live, though, in the store and I'd only saw it, I think it's only for iOS right now, I'm not sure if it's for Android, so we'll have to take a look on that but here's the one I did earlier But down below here you see it says my 18 minute one and it was taken off for policy violation (laughs) So it was very shocking to me because at the time I thought we were going really well and we had things going – let me just click on that for a minute We had 8000 people looking, blah blah blah, messages, and then all of a sudden my wife goes, "Oh, it stopped!" And I'm like, "What?" I thought it could've been my encoding software but, no, Amazon didn't like that and when I go back and look into this I kind of know what kind of happened now When I did the new one, which I did maybe two hours later, after thinking a lot about what had gone wrong, my new one was left on-brand

I stuck to brand I didn't go off in tangents I didn't talk about other brands that we work with and of course we work with Manfrotto, RØDE Microphones, Saramonic microphones, GorillaPod, blah blah blah So I didn't, cause in the first video I really got into all those things The second thing I didn't do was say, "Oh, and by the way, Steven Spielberg uses this," or "the US Olympic team," or "Ariana Grande was using one the other day," and I have photos for all of this by the way

(laughs) So I have ways of backing it up but Amazon's a huge stickler and just wants you to stay on target Don't put anything that you cannot back up In fact, when I went to this page and I said, "Oh, what is this all about" and I clicked on the community guidelines which I really didn't know or look into at all before this I just thought it was like Facebook when you just go live, right? But this is like a store and so they want you to be good for the store But down here in Claims, "All claims, both expressed and implied, must be supported

" So that was really important for me to understand that And then, if you look down here it says, "You must be the brand owner of all product ASINs being promoted in your livestream" So my first livestream, that was something else that I did, you know, I put my book in there, which is not an iOgrapher ASIN I put a couple of other products that we work with, that we like, but you have to stick with your own products So, that was a good thing to learn

(laughs) But I'm glad I went in the second time because when we go in here – the second time you'll see we had 14,000 views and you know, 70 unmuted views, and messages and I can't wait to see what the metrics are for the sales because I really want to know I think it's gonna be good but we'll see Boosting is something that you can do and pay extra money to have it seen to more people and we actually did that as well Here's the app and on one side you'll see where it says Streams which we're looking at right now, but we go into More now you're gonna see where you set everything up: your Channel settings, your Seller Central account You have to connect all of these things to the app

As long as you log in with your username and password from Amazon a lot of this stuff auto-populates, which is great Here's the FAQs, livestreaming tips, blah blah blah, and here's the community policy which I should've dove into very seriously but now I learned a good lesson today So here's how you set everything up It's very simple but there's some great options for it So right now we're gonna go into Practice mode and I highly recommend if guys are doing this try Practice mode first

Make sure your audio's good, etc So here we click on Practice mode, we're gonna turn Practice mode on They give you a link so that you can Share it to people you like, and of course, you can press that link, it opens up a bunch of things You have to have at least one product to be able to do this I'm going to type in, "iOgrapher Multi Case," and we're going to add that to our stream here and click Save and then we're gonna call this whatever we want

So in the ones I did I said, "iOgrapher Multi Case for mobile phones," so people would – you just gotta be straight to the point, you know? I was gonna put, "How to create better video with your mobile phones," but no, I just really gotta stay straight to the point And for this particular one we're just gonna write, "Test 23" (laughs) Lot's of room here to write stuff, though, so that's something to explore as well, what are best cases, I mean, I really don't know yet Custom Promotion So here's where you can type in, "Use code," you can go on Amazon and create a code

I'm just gonna create something fake here, "xyz20off," I'll just leave that So that's our code that we're gonna have promoted And then it's letting you see if you want to use Phone Cam or if you wanna use your Encoder So we're gonna look at both of those in a second Down here is where you Boost your livestream, like I said

So that costs money and it's similar to like a Facebook Boost to get it more people in front of I Boosted mine for $200 I want to see what that does You know, is it worth it? And then schedule your stream So you'd schedule them in advance and they'll leave a little – in fact let's do that right now

So when you schedule you wanna do this You have a little thumbnail you can put in here Now I went over to Canva Let's go back to this for second and we'll take a look Canvacom

I went to Canvacom and shows – where is it now- YouTube thumbnail So it's 1280 pixels by 720 pixels Put that in there and it looked fantastic So in fact we'll just put it in again

my photos Where did I put it? Here it is There it is See everything looks perfect there We'll add it so there it is right there And then you're ready to go

So you just press Preview and we're in Practice mode so I'm okay with that Initializing livestream While we have this here, you can just feed directly like that or you can turn it around and have it on you, whichever camera you want to use Now this is all the screen that you have though, so you really are limited here I'm going to turn this off and it slides away and then when you wanna have it back on you just click on it again and turn it on and it'll show right there

Down here we click Prep This Now so start the livestream, and then, you're gonna be able to say something So you can say, "Welcome," you know, stuff like that, and it's gonna go into your little chat window here so you can chat with people So you can do it like this so it just be really personal and stuff, but I wanted to show off all kinds of things So I'm gonna end this stream here and there it is, it's saving right now but I'm just going to click right out of it cause we don't need it I'm gonna go back in here

We'll do Practice mode one more time and then we're gonna Add the product one more time and we're gonna call this, "iOgrapher," and then of course we do, "Multi Case" Search There it is We added it to stream We're gonna Save

We're gonna call this, "Test endcode," encode? (laughs) "Encoder, custom coder, custom promotions" I'm not gonna put that on this time because I'm going to go into my Phone Cam, gonna go into my encoder, and now I can Boost it, blah blah blah But now when I go into here and hit Preview it's now going to give me the custom URL and the stream key So these are the things I would to put into my RTMP setup on Switcher Studio Which is fantastic

Once I have all that information in there I'm ready to go I press Get Going with my stream and it'll start to work there And we're good to go In fact, let me jump over to Switcher Studio So now over here in Switcher Studio, I'm going to turn the audio off, but over here in Switcher Studio, I have so many other options

Of course, all the cameras are disconnected now but here I see I have the custom RMTP setup here Right here in iOgrapher in Amazon, so that's all set up What I did there was just click on Channel and then I was able to call this whatever I wanted There's my RTMP URL, there's my stream key, and then you can choose whatever bit rates, etc, that you need

So that's ready to go I was happy to have all that Here's where I'm gonna bring in my different cameras so right now I just got this camera here Which is looking down Which I actually don't use during my livestream, I have multiple devices

You can add up to nine different devices using this But now you see that I've got, you know, things like this I can do, you know, "Broadcast will begin shortly" "Here's the video I added" "Here's the thing I use for my coupon code

" "Here's photos that I've brought in" Then, "Here's Ariana Grande," just so you don't know I was lying Some more photos You know, so you can really show off a lot more stuff than just having the one image that you would have using no encoder So I think using the encoder is key

There's so many bells and whistles in using something like Switcher Studio, which I have a lot of tutorials up on our YouTube channel, by the way There's our YouTube channel which you're watching now (laughs) But Switcher Studio's just easy to use, connects over Wifi, really great way to do this Now when I practice now, I'm ready to go And now I can go in here and just do all kinds of different things on Switcher Studio

So that's super cool I'm really excited about this So there you go folks, live streaming to Amazon This is amazing for a brand that sells products Hopefully eventually they'll have influencers and things like that, or maybe that's not a good idea

I don't know I'm just thrilled to be a part of it It was a great learning experience today Hopefully my mistakes you won't make them and learn from this But really excited to be able to have people to just click the button now because they got excited about what they are watching

Can't wait to see the metrics on the Amazon video to see how the sales were and things like that and I'll definitely share them with you So that's it for today Thank you so much for watching Please, hit that Subscribe button and that bell so you can be alerted I'm so glad you're here

Leave a comment below What do you think about this? Is this a cool thing? Are you a brand? Do you want to learn how to do this? Hit me up, comment below, let's get in touch Dave Basulto I'm outta here (rock music) So with the new Amazon

com/Live you're able to go live from your phone but they also give you an opportunity to use a coder and we're gonna use Switcher Studio And this is it all set up here I've got all my different angles set up I've got wide shot, an overhead shot, and a close up shot Tons of graphics

Tons of photos I have no idea how this is going to go today so I'm just really excited (laughs) if you're watching this after the fact then you'll know But it looks great Really thrilled to be doing this and I always thought this was a great to make some content and sell more products

So here I'm even using an old iPhone 5 I have as one of my angles, which I love So I mean, don't through away those old iPhones cause they're great for angles Up on top here I've got the Multi Case of course with the the iPhone 8 Plus Here's a lens here I've got the Moment lens there

I got my iPad over here as another option for my wide shot and then it's all going into this iPad Pro Audio I've got USB C to audio adapter into an iRig Mic lab I have my headphones there to monitor So I am set to go and let's see what happens Wish me luck

(rock music)